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Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Kickstarter Highlight: Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

by , September 6, 2018

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the world’s go-to platform for new releases. But do you ever find it hard to cut through the noise and pin down the ones worth your hard-earned? Well, that’s where this sponsored series comes in. We’re vetting carry Kickstarters for you, digging up the facts, and shedding light on the ones we think are worth a closer look.

This week’s selection: Everyman and their Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Minimalism meets versatility

You’re a minimalist who appreciates uber-sleek lines and uncluttered organization. But minimalism doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality and versatility. And Everyman have designed a bag that shows you can have it all. Minimalist style, durability, functionality and versatility. For the commute, travel and EDC needs. All in one awesome bag.

Meet the Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Built for life

Everyday and travel carry needs can be demanding on your gear. But this bag has been built to handle life’s carry challenges. The tough PU-lined 1680D ballistic nylon exterior offers excellent durability and weather resistance while maintaining the bag’s clean and attractive aesthetics. And protection from the elements is also provided by the trusty YKK AquaGuard zippers. Add in the stainless steel hardware and Everyman’s Design for Life guarantee and you’ve got a reliable companion that will relish regular use for years to come.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Carry on your way

One of the best ways to deliver versatility in a bag? Integrating multiple and efficient carry methods. And when it comes to flexible portability, this bag doesn’t disappoint. Five carry options let you easily adapt on the go, from the commute to the office to day-to-day roaming.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

With backpack, messenger, briefcase, sling bag and clutch options, you can tailor your carry for maximum comfort, professional aesthetics, and easy access as required.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Stay prepped with optimized organization

Having to rummage for little items? Unraveling the jumbled mess of your travel packing? Annoying. Time-consuming. And luckily not a problem with this bag. Thoughtfully considered organization keeps your gear neat and accessible throughout the day, whether you’re reaching for a pen and notebook or stashing an outer layer.

The bag’s large front pocket provides useful storage for items you want to keep within easy reach.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

The clamshell main compartment is lined with Velcro for use with Everyman’s optional laminated mesh packing cubes. The cubes come in three sizes and accommodate clothing, tech, toiletries and more. And for added organization, optional compression straps are available too.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

The bag also offers a lay-flat, TSA-approved laptop sleeve that lets you move through airport security without removing your tech from the bag. And because your tech is precious and pricey, the Wooltech laptop sleeve is also suspended for added protection. Opposite the laptop sleeve you’ll find further handy organization for items such as files, notebooks, magazines, and small tools. Everything tidy, secure yet accessible; there when you need it and not causing hassle when you don’t.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Excellent value for money

Premium materials, rugged construction and smooth versatility means your wallet’s looking to take a hit. But the Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack is currently available for just US$99 through Everyman’s Kickstarter campaign. An absolute steal in the value department. Check out the campaign, which runs until 21 September 2018, to see the bag in action and scoop up a bargain.

Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.


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