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A Glossary of Carry

by , April 13, 2010

A Glossary of Carry

We are by no means experts on all things carry or carry related, we do however really enjoy exploring better ways to carry and teaching/learning about new and various techniques of carrying, crafting, traveling, etc..

So with us spending all day everyday developing better ways to carry, we’ve realised that we have adopted a kind of Carry vocabulary – using a number of words that help us short-cut an idea. Below are the few, our favourite being the ‘Costanza’ in honour of George’s bulging back pocket which ultimately blows his back out.

Feel free to send any words you feel are worthy of addition to the gallery – send the word and the meaning and we will throw it up, or just dump it in the comments.

Let the glossary grow!


Ballistic fabric – Any thick weave nylon fabric that conservative bag makers want to make sound exciting. Sorry, but that suitcase ain’t gonna stop a bullet.

Mil spec – ‘Meeting Military Specification’ means different thing to different militaries from around the world. In general though, it should mean it’s a little stronger because they make it a little better, and charge you a little more for it.

EDC – Everyday Carry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everyday_carry

Une usine a gas (the gas factory) – Any product that thinks the way to greatness is with more.


Man bags – Some men really want to carry around a handbag, but would feel socially awkward doing so. These are the myriad of designs (from waist bags to slings to wrist pouches) that they use to disguise their handbag.

Stiff backer – Any bag that puts your laptop directly against your back. It makes riding, climbing, or any sort of bending pretty darn uncomfortable.

Gorby Gap – Those annoying gaps you get at the side of many messenger bag flaps/openings. Alternatively called Prince Charles ears. Solved with some gusseting or more of a sock opening.

Fanny Pack / Bum bag / Sling (the list is endless really, and different in every country) – This is the pack that became the tourist go to pack when traveling. Sits around one’s waist – or slung over a chest (if you think you’re uber cool), and keeps all your important documents close to you. The most fun thing about ‘fanny’ bags is that a fanny is a very different thing in Britain to the USA.

The ‘It’ bag – The latest must have handbag spotted on an unhappy celebrity going in to rehab (thanks Kate). This is quite different to the I.T. bag, that terrible black laptop bag with “Microsoft Developers Conference 1996 – Jupiters Casino” printed on the front pocket.

Back Bath – That glorious soaking you can only achieve with a backpack on a hot day (thanks Harvey). Bag makers try and pretend that 3D mesh and airflow systems stop it, but they don’t. Your best bet is to use panniers, a messenger strung low, or ride slower.


The Costanza – Those huge & overflowing wallets that signal you have no control over your pocket life. Receipts is the most usual culprit.

UPO– Unidentified Pocket Objects. Just what is that stuff coating my credit cards, and how the hell did it get in my pocket! A close relative to belly button lint.


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