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About Us

About Us

About Carryology

What a ride. From a very humble start just a few years ago, Carryology is now a truly global resource, sharing countless insights and learnings. We thought we should try and actually explain a little of what we’re doing and why we exist. So here we go…

What is carry?

When we started, there wasn’t really a broadly accepted term for bags, wallets, cases, luggage, and all the products we use to carry our things. To us, this is ‘carry’.

Why does Carryology exist?

Essentially, we’re here to discover, discuss and disseminate new and better ways to carry. We figure if we can act as something of a campfire for the carry community to gather around, then we should all win from the insights we gain.

Who’s involved?

You are. As are a huge number of readers around the world. And your feedback, knowledge and sharing make this special community what it is.

Then we have our contributors, who generously volunteer their time and expertise to share knowledge and insights. They’re professional carry designers, carry retailers, or just carry nuts who have abused more than their share of carry goods.

And then there’s Bellroy. Both companies were founded by the same team. Carryology came first as an editorial testing ground, and Bellroy is the brand that was born from the insights.

So, yes, we are owned by the same people. And Bellroy has helped us fund some of the cool things we have done – and want to do – to grow this community.

A community, mind you, that wouldn’t exist without the brands, big and small, from all over the carry world. They’re key to what we do, too. They supply us with product, inspiration and access to their teams – helping fuel the learning we share.

At times, some of these select brands invest in advertising by way of our brand partnerships program. These partnerships can play out in lots of ways: if you spot an article with a ‘sponsored’ tag, then that’s a paid partnership.

How do we select who we work with? We make sure they’re up to our high standards, by testing and playing with product whenever possible. Because that’s our thing, really. To research, test and recommend the very best carry, so you don’t have to.

How do you support what we’re doing?

When we come across great carry, we’ll recommend it. And we genuinely only recommend something we think deserves it. Sometimes, brands or retailers give us a kickback for sending our readers their way. So if you find something that sparks a fire, and you click an affiliate link on Carryology, know that you’re also supporting us in the process.

And finally, through our eyes, what makes a great carry piece?

Fitness for purpose, and then some. It has to suit its core task really well, but then also have a little versatility.

Function AND emotion: There is lots of carry with one or the other. There is not much that nails both. We believe a bit of style and personality makes solid functionality all the better.

More than a product: The brand and the experience matter. If you do a GORUCK challenge, a little piece of that experience lingers on with the bag. If a brand uses toxic materials or crap labor practises, a little piece of evil also lingers. Products are more than their physical manifestation. Call us hippy, but the other shit matters.

You can get in touch with us through the comments, or at blog@carryology.com

New to Carryology?

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About Us


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.