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Carrying a guitar is harder than it seems

by , March 24, 2010
crafts & simplicity

“This is a bag you’d want to sleep in” Bowoo

Have you ever looked for a cover or a case for your precious guitar, perhaps during your early rock years?

No matter how long those years were, it’s been pretty darn hard to find something practical, and that looks as nice as the beauty it carries. A product that makes sense and still stays elegant. Most of the covers are little more than a guitar shape with a front pocket. Bonus if they have padded walls. They never seem to have reached the sense a guitar case should give. You are a real musician! Instead those covers would bring even Clapton right back to his school years saying, ” he is still learning”…

Well so far Bowoo has taken the step to change all that, crafting some quite interesting guitar covers. A Brooklyn brand, refusing to accept that in a place counting more musicians and designers than anywhere else, no one came up with a decent cover. So they did. The Bowoo guitar bag is simple, elegant, quite well finished with a feel of craftsmanship. Great details are probably the main feature of their bags. Not a revolution, it is just right. Straps can be better and could use the messenger bag’s innovations in shoulder pads.

On top of all they give two percent of every purchase to charity focusing on helping the planet. How good is that!

Check them out at bowootheworld.com

I want one!


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.