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Dango D01 Pen Wallet

Dango Products D-Series D01 Dapper™ Pen Wallet

by , October 16, 2021

If you’re not familiar with Dango Products, they’re a SF-based brand hell-bent on redefining the EDC wallet, taking the classic form and upgrading it with metals and machining and in-built multi-tools.

And today, we’re reviewing their Dapper Pen Wallet in Whiskey Brown and the brand-new limited edition 007 themed edition, with gorgeous black leather and an anodized gold aluminum chassis. 

Dango Products D-Series D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

I often need a pen; I usually carry a cheap one in my bag as I often lose them, but this wallet has a small pen held along the spine and includes a small notebook inside. I attend several expos a year and find the need to write a quick note with a vendor or about a potential client, so having a small notebook and pen handy is essential.

Dango Products D-Series D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

Who It Suits

If you like unique design and are a minimalist carry when it comes to cards, this would be a great choice. The chassis of the wallet is aluminum, so it does take up a bit of room, but it also allows for a rigid back when using the notebook. I carry 5-7 cards and my ID, which is about half the amount Dango claims it can hold. The wallet ends up being slightly larger than I would prefer, but the ability to have the notebook and pen around is worth it. 

Dango Products D-Series D01

Who It Doesn’t

If you tend to carry every card known to man, or stuff in receipts, photos, and all sorts of things, this wallet is not for you. Even with a pen and notebook, one could consider this a minimalist wallet. 

If you carry your wallet in your back pocket, then the hard frame is a bad time when you sit down.

Dango Products D-Series

The Good

The build quality of the wallet is outstanding. The leather mixed with the CNC’d aluminum chassis makes for a long-lasting and good-looking wallet. The pen is refillable, so you can keep it for the life of your wallet and beyond. They did a fantastic job with the pen slot on the spine. During my time using this wallet, there was never a time where the pen got loose and fell out.

It has has a few handy extra tricks, like a bottle opener for when you need to crack an ale, and Dango’s MT02 & MT03 Multi-Tools (sold separately) also slip inside to give you extra functions like Hex bits, chisel, a phone stand and more, so you can notch up your preparedness.

Dango Products D-Series D01 Dapper™ Pen Wallet

The wallet is also TSA compliant. I had no issues with security when I traveled with the D01. The other benefit is that the wallet is RFID-blocking so you can carry and maintain peace of mind. 

Dango Products D-Series D01

Not So Good

There was the occasional time where the tip of the pen cap could get uncomfortable if the wallet adjusted wrong in my pocket. Other than that, I have not had any issues or complaints with the wallet, notebook, or pen. I liked the Dapper Brown colorway so much that I picked up the 007 edition as well. 

As I stated up top, this is a hard case wallet, so it isn’t comfortable to sit on, and does stand out in your front pocket with a bit of bulk, so if you want to keep your wallet placement subtle or discreet, then this probably isn’t the right option for you.

Dango Products D-Series D01 Dapper™ Pen Wallet


If you are in the market for a unique, well-built minimalist wallet, check out the Dango lineup. The D01 Pen Wallet is an excellent option if you find yourself needing to jot something down on the go. The quality and design are outstanding, and the fact that Dango Products are made in the USA makes this a great product. 

Dango Products

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