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Carrying Bike Locks

by , May 14, 2010

Carrying bike locks in around your waist

The bigger they are, the harder they carry

Cycling is taking over the world. It’s going to solve global warming, world peace, and be the next US president.

The downsides to cycling are back baths and thieving scum, and it’s in the area of thieving scum that things are getting fun.

Bike locks are taking every form and arrangement in an attempt to deter theft. The one consistency is how big and heavy the good ones are (ie: very big and very heavy).

This means crew are finding new ways to carry them. So much so that it’s becoming like a tribal badge. We love it, we salute this creativity, and we encourage all to share their craziness.

In the meantime, here’s a few of the easier ways to carry your bike lock:

Carrying Bike Locks

There are all sorts of belt loops being offered, from leather to nylon webbing. Personally we prefer to jam the lock behind our regular belts, but we are not normal (in any way whatsoever).

Carrying Bike Locks

Many bike oriented backpacks and messenger bags now include a U-Lock holder. Incase and Mission Workshop are two of the better ones.

Carrying Bike Locks

And we’re not quite sure what is going on here, but it looks impressive:

Carrying Bike Locks

Do you have a better way? Send us a picture via Twitter, Facebook, or just send us a link to the pic.

Note: This post was triggered by Jane. Jane is the bright spark behind Sugru.com (the raddest mouldable stuff for hacking anything and saving the world). Jane’s job is to see the world differently, and this is how she carries her lock…

Carrying Bike Locks


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