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How We Score

Welcome to the Ultimate Buying Guide.

The online hub for the best bags, luggage, wallets and accessories on the Internet. Our rad team of carry designers, makers and enthusiasts – uninfluenced by brands or bucks – have sorted through the overwhelming masses of carry online and finely curated this list of the best of the best.

How We Test

In one word: meticulously. We’re known the world over for our in-depth carry reviews and we’re darn proud out it. We never write reviews off spec sheets or short-lived interaction – that’s just lame. Each and every item of carry is tested for over a month (and sometimes longer) in a real life scenario that matches its purpose e.g. if it’s designed for the daily 9-5er commute, then we lug it to work. If it’s designed for travel, then we haul it on a plane or cram it into the belly of a Greyhound and chug it over the border – you get the picture.

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How To Support Us

It’s pretty simple. If you find something that sparks a fire and you click through and purchase via our affiliate links, more often than not, we’ll get a little kickback from the brands or retailers for sending you their way. Although, we’ll just point out, some brands don’t give kickbacks, for whatever reason, and we’re not fazed. If the carry is awesome, we recommend it! We never want to be limited by what’s retailing on Amazon 😉

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What makes the best carry?

There’s a whole bunch of elements that make up the best carry, but we like to keep things simple and crisp.

Fitness for purpose: it has to suit its core task really well, but then also have a little versatility.

Function AND emotion: There is lots of carry with one or the other. There is not much that nails both. We believe a bit of style and personality makes solid functionality all the better. We want the beauty and the geek.

More than a product: The brand and the experience matter. If you do a GORUCK challenge, a little piece of that experience lingers on with the bag. If a brand uses toxic materials or crap labor practises, a little piece of evil also lingers. Products are more than their physical manifestation. Call us hippy, but the other shit matters.

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When we break it down, 10 clear criterion pop up every time. And when you mash all of these bad boys together, and they rate highly, you’ve got yourself one wicked piece of carry.

Space & Access
How useful is the volume and how easy is it to get at things?

Does it have useful pockets and sections to arrange all your bits and bobs?

How comfortable in use?

Look & Feel
Has it nailed proportions, finish and vibe?

Build, Materials & Hardware
How well constructed is it? Are the materials and hardware rad? And do they work well together?

What have they designed in that gives greater utility?

Warranty & Support
How long do they stand by it, how well do they respond, and do they limit fine print?

Brand Experience
Do they connect, educate and inspire?

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Our wild-card score for how much it rocks your world. Charisma, uniqueness, story or charm all count.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.