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NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway

by , February 13, 2014

A few months ago I came across a promising Indiegogo campaign from NOMAD, featuring a new product called the ChargeKey.  ChargeKey looked like a smart addition to my EDC kit, fitting right onto my tiny keys.

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway 1

Though I only had pictures and text to go by, I was firmly convinced.  My discovery couldn’t have come at a better time, as the previous night, I ended up making a long walk home, about 2 miles, at 2:00AM, with a 100% dead iPhone 5 (as I had been using it hard for two days and didn’t spend the previous night at my place). Having the ability to charge my phone may have changed some things for me that evening, with the ability to call a taxi or locate a Car2Go via app.  I swiftly placed my order and waited about 6 weeks to receive my shipment, as they were waiting to hit their funding goals and start manufacturing.

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway 2

When it arrived in its thin smart packaging, I couldn’t have been happier with the final result. Without having the chance to see one in-the-flesh, I was nervous that it might feel like a bit of cheap junk. However, the ChargeKey is made from high grade plastics from Germany (Bayer) and USA (GLS).  A nice, durable, springy, quality feel to it.

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway 4

In the convenient shape of a key, so it fits neatly and tidily on your keychain, not some tiny coil-shaped cable sitting loose at the bottom of your pocket.  It can act as a standard USB charging cable while also having the ability to transfer data, just in case.  It is simply put, “the world’s smallest, most portable, USB cable”.

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway 5

I can absolutely recommend this trick minimal gadget, perfect for the modern digital nomad. A great product, which has already saved me more than a few times since I’ve added it on my keyring a couple of weeks ago. They cost only $25 ($2 off for sharing on social media). Or, in the nomadic spirit, they also accept barters as a way for people and businesses to exchange their goods for theirs!  Yes, you read that right.  So far, they’ve been offered anything “from custom bikes and die-stamped office furniture to wall art and artisanal popcorn”. Love that!

NOMAD ChargeKey Giveaway 3

But, as you read the title of this post… how do you win one of these bad boys? Well, NOMAD offered us not one, but TWO ChargeKeys for iPhone 5 (they also make a Micro USB ChargeKey for Samsung mobiles) for this Carryology Giveaway.

And here’s how to enter…

Upload a photo that you’ve taken of your own personal Pocket Dump via Instagram, and use the #Carryology AND #Nomad hashtags in your comment (maybe even follow @carryology on instagram or @nomadgoods on instagram for bonus points ;) ).  Simple as that.  It doesn’t matter whether your current pocket dump is absolutely amazing, or if it needs a tons of work.

But remember, if it doesn’t have the #Carryology AND #Nomad hashtags, we can’t select you as a winner, and that’s a bummer.

We’ll be picking two winners at random from the hashtag entries, then sending them each one of these two awesome iPhone 5 ChargeKeys.

Once the winners are randomly selected, we’ll share some the pocket dump photo entries here with you.

Here’s an example of how a correct pocket dump submission would look via Instagram (note: the #Carryology AND #Nomad hashtags at the bottom… and sorry, we missed the wallet and phone for this example shot!)

Nomad ChargeKey Instagram Example Photo


The contest will begin today (February 13th, 2014) and run for 1 week, announcing the winners on February 20th – happy snapping!!




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