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Best Carry Accessory Finalists – The Second Annual Carry Awards

Best Carry Accessory Finalists – The Second Annual Carry Awards

by , February 13, 2014

Accessories have been described as things that contribute to or aid in an activity or process in a minor way. But they’re in no way minor. A good accessory can make your life a whole lot easier, or even help shape your identity as one of care and attention to detail.

The carry accessories category is our most wide-sweeping and arguably our most dynamic. Accessory ranges from tech sleeves to toiletry bags, travel wallets to packing aids, and basically includes any piece of smaller carry that’s contributed to your carry coming up trumps.

We look forward to seeing how you vote!

You have two votes to use as you will…

Allocate your 1st choice with 2 points

And your 2nd choice just with the 1 point. 

Note: any votes made over the allotted limit will be wiped from the voting tally. 

Topo Designs Dopp Kit

Anatomy of a good dopp: Triangles work well, as they give you great visibility in use and prevent the cheeky little bugger from toppling off the sink and onto the sodden bathroom floor. A bit of personality also helps, in the same way as nice underwear reveals your care for the details. Affordable is a nice bonus, as it is just a toiletries bag. And I’d say Topo definitely puts it all together with this bright little standout. DopBag2


Eagle Creek Specter Packing Cubes

Not the most organized person? Forever clawing through your carry-on for those spare socks you hastily shoved in there? Meet one of the most comprehensive packing cube ranges on the market – the Specter. It’s crazy lightweight, fun to use, and helps you get better organised. Oh, and for a water-resistant equivalent, make sure you also check out Exped’s Zip Packs.



Bellroy Passport Sleeve

While our contributors were not allowed to vote for any product they themselves were involved with, there were plenty of other votes for the Bellroy Passport Sleeve. This is a clean and simple leather sleeve for your passport and some key cards. The integrated pen, the delightful pull-tab action, and the fact that this is just leather and thread make this a very refined way to skip around the world.



Triple Aught OP1 Pouch

This pouch is great for tucking away EDC and even survival items (if you’re a little Rambo-ish on the weekend). It can be carried on your backpack, vest or as a drop-in pouch for any day pack or overnight bag and gets bonus points for flexibility. It has a nifty fully clam shell design that helps the pouch settle easily when placed on non-flat surfaces like rocks or unlevelled ground, and heavy duty elastic webbing keeps the interior safe and secure. It’s real nice, even if you don’t wear camouflage.



Munroe Mega Dangler

Made with stonewashed 6-4 Titanium, the Munroe Dangler Series, named after its craftsman, Deryk Munroe, is an essential tool for any EDC fanatic. Why? It’s a combined key hanger clip with a pocket tool that not only removes the necessity to add any additional bulk or weight to your pocket, but sports a screwdriver, cutting edge and bottle opener to boot. FYI Munroe is best known for their exceptional knives, so that’s another reason to be nice.



Scrubba Wash Bag

Some of the precious time that one-bag travel saves you in airport waiting, later gets consumed in washing those 2 pairs of undergarments you brought on your 3-month jaunt. Rather than bumbling around in a bathroom sink or hotel tub, you can now wash anywhere (even on the rickety old bus trip if you so desire). But be prepared to get a few strange looks when you’re sloshing this thing around on the 412 Express.



Barrett Alley Revelation Wallet

This husband and wife duo produce some of the finest uber-premium-quality handmade wallets in the US. They’re front-pocket-carry thin wallets are “functional artworks” if you will, with focus and attention to detail. When our very own, Taylor Welden, visited their workshop and sat in awe as they meticulously worked their magic with needle and thread, he crowned it a “silent performance.” And we dig artisans who go about their work like artists…maybe more of us should follow suit.



One Point One Pen Case

This is just another really beautiful object, with a poetic motion to open and close. It utilises material properties well, meaning there is no extra structural elements needed and would make a classy addition to any oak desk or oval office. The only draw back: you’ll have to hunt down some really damn good looking pens to live in it.




 What’s not here?

There’s lots of great stuff happening in pouches right now. From the awesome Skinth pouches, to the ITS trauma kit, we could really include a heap of great pouches. The Makr sunglass holder also came close, as did some of the wallets we’ve covered here. Oh, and there were lots of nominations from Kickstarter projects revolving around cards, keys, coins and accessory carry. It feels like this is a sweet spot for Kickstarter right now.


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