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Micro Pens

by , June 8, 2010

Micro Pens

Micro pens for the pocket

This is a little to the left. Pens don’t carry anything besides ink, so you might be wondering why we’re talking (or at the least typing) about them… Well, we like to carry pens and large pens are hard to carry, while micro pens are easy. See, all makes sense now…

When traveling, a micro sized pocket pen is oh so amazing. It’s tiny form makes everyone so jealous of the streamlined piece of joy in your hand. They fumble with the large pens, where we swiftly fill out our forms. Micro pens make life easier when traveling, you can fill out customs forms, scribble great ideas, or take down the digits of the hottie in the next seat (or just draw her picture if you’re super creepy).

But it’s surprisingly difficult to find a really good micro pen. Probably has something to do with everyone’s fascination with size and the ideal that bigger is better…

Here’s a few we have found online (without yet trialling). Sorry about the quality of the photos, we could only get nice images of the Ohto pen..

If you have any better micro pens, we would love to share them with the community:

Bookmark Pen // These aren’t as nice as the Ohto, but they come in so many fun colors.
Micro Pens

Spacepen Bullet This one wins purely because they are a metallic rainbow colored pen. hahaha
Micro Pens

Ohto Petit-B Needle-Point Ballpoint Pen // This is a really nice looking pen
Micro Pens


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.