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Henk Travelfriend | Specialist Carry

by , June 7, 2010

Henk Travelfriend | Specialist Carry

Henk Travelfriend | Specialist Carry

Henk luggage is radical, completely in a league of its own. Here, let us qualify that…

If you’re seeking to shed vast amounts of money in a hurry, you have 2 product based options:
Buy some crazy ‘performance’ kit, like a Veyron or Zonda.
Buy some ‘luxury’ kit, where instead of paying for performance, you’re paying for exclusivity. Think diamond iPhones, the IWC Grande Complication or the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork bag.

Occasionally, you find brands squeezing between these two, pushing performance to an extreme, but in an area that doesn’t really justify that kind of performance. This is where we say hello to Henk.

With prices starting at $20,000 and moving North, you’d want to be really sick of those zeros in your bank account. These are outrageously expensive cases, but we worryingly find a special appeal to them.

I mean check those wheels. Industrial Designers have been dreaming of hubless wheels for the last 3 decades, but no one else can really make them a reality. The telescoping handle is stunning (and Titanium of course), the Central Locking System seems effective, and it even has side wheels for if you need to squeeze through a narrow aisle (not that you will up the pointy end).

Still not specialist enough? Of course you can have it monogrammed, gloss carbon fibred, calf skinned, baby seal eyed, or any number of bespoke treats added.

In researching this wonder bag, my favourite quote was “Wheels and the ebony-accented handle fully retract, creating a sleek suitcase that can serve as a seat in crowded airports.” That’s important, beacuse owners are unlikely to afford the private lounges?

Yeah, well that’s the Henk. If you’re tempted, please just buy a Samsonite and give the money to a worthy charity. Or if you really need to buy one, maybe send your kid to school with it as a lunch box. It will make them really popular…

Caution: As with all luxury (or almost luxury) websites, henk.com is built with flash, so it’s damned annoying and a bother to navigate. But go do it anyway. This stuff is dream candy enough to justify the effort. And take a look at their online catalog as well, it is also dripping with indulgence…

Henk Travelfriend | Specialist Carry


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