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Carrying Keys

by , June 3, 2010

Carrying Keys

*This article has been updated. Read A Beginner’s Guide to Carrying Keys here

Carrying keys bites – Ideas to make it bite less

Keys scratch your phone, cut holes in your pockets, and jangle when you’re trying to get all stealth in the corner of that party. The sooner we all have an auto-remote-star-trek-access-thing the better, but in the meantime, we want to cover some ways of dealing with the peskily little things.

Below are a few, but we’re aware that you guys will have seen better. We’d love to hear about them…

Carrying Keys
Nothing revolutionary, but it is kinda cute. Oh, and Jack Spade have stopped making it (making way for the apparel line), but it should be easy to get creative and do something similar.

Carrying Keys
Going for the organising angle of carrying…

Carrying Keys
Carrying Keys

A personal hack using a multi-tool handle. A trick amongst the EDC crew, it’s becoming more popular.


Carrying Keys

Sugru is a mouldable silicon wonder stuff that you can shape to any form. This is a first try, which we want to go back and improve on.

Carrying Keys
This special branded Leatherman from Vendor could easily be appropriated for carrying keys. We then found someone who did something fairly similar.

Carrying Keys

This Fob Pouch from Parabellum is possibly a little over the top for most, but you have to appreciate the texture haha…
Or you can just design a better key, which also helps…

Remember those whistling key-rings? We remembered them as being awesome, and brought them back for one of the brands we worked with. Turns out they suck as they keep misfiring 🙁
Carrying Keys

Another thought is better pockets. I have some Quiksilver shorts with a little ‘sub pocket’ inside the main, which works a treat for keeping keys and coins better contained.

Other thoughts? Has anyone solved this properly?

Silly note: Most crew thankfully keep keys hidden in a pocket or handbag. Your alternative is of course the keyring hung on your belt loop. This externally worn keyring is perhaps one of life’s great ironies – those who want to look important herd keys as a symbol of all the doors they have the power to open. Those that actually have power seem to have all the locks changed to just their key. We are favouring keys being out of sight. You should too.


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