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Our favorite Men’s wallets

by , June 11, 2010


Our favorite Men’s wallets

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Wallets are a reasonably passive product. They sit all day in your pocket for just 15 seconds of daily fame.

Yet most wallets are designed only for that 15 seconds of use. Sure, they display your cards and look OK, but what about all that pocket time?

So we’re looking at 6 wallets that have thought about staying slim and out of the way. If you carry a Costanza, this is not the post for you…

Thankfully, slim wallets don’t require you to leave everything at home. Clever wallet design and a few process changes on your part mean you can lose the bulk and still have the vitals close at hand.

We’ve arranged them from those that focus more on access (and are therefore larger), to those that are more about storage efficiency (reducing the bulk). We really wanted to find some cheaper options, but they tend to stay pretty basic in the lower price points. If anyone has some to suggest, we’d love to hear.

Braun Buffel Hart 8 Card Wallet:
Top shelf construction, excellent leathers, and restrained design – Braun Buffel make some really nice wallets. We think they offer some of the best value out of the conservative wallet brands, and serve the more conservative guy well.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Maison Martin Margiela Men’s Half Zip Wallet:
Like most high-end fashion brands, MMM can be a little hit and miss. While the catwalk weirdness fulfills the ‘miss’ part, wallets like this (and some of their bags) are real ‘hits’, showing a love of leather and some original thinking.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Maxx & Unicorn Bifold
Not the most practical wallet, but definitely one of the most beautiful – this is leather origami at its best. Maxx is a small brand working in Brooklyn, and offers a wallet you won’t spot in many others’ pockets.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Comme des Garçons
Perhaps the lead proponent of the zip wallet, CDG create refined yet mostly functional pocket organizers. They are getting kinda everywhere amongst the higher end of town, but for justifiable reasons.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Almost every luxury brand has similar business card holders, but few realise just how good a wallet they make. Use the quick access slots for your daily use cards, and stick your weird shop and library cards in the section intended for business cards. This one is not cheap, but you might find similar things at your local department store.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Isaac Reina
One of the most original & creative carry brands out there. Their computer folders meme is classic but functional. They sometimes present some pretty weird metallic leathers, but when they go classic, it’s classic goodness.

Our favorite Men’s wallets

Know of some great wallets at lower prices? We’d love to hear from you.


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