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LOCTOTE Mobility Collection

LOCTOTE Mobility Collection

by , December 22, 2020

The LOCTOTE Mobility Collection merges stylish aesthetics with practical anti-theft features…

In the last eleven years, much has changed with the advent of Kickstarter, and for the carry community, mostly for the better. There are now swaths of companies whose bags adorn these pages that have found their start on the platform, and have gone on to Carry greatness.

And today, we are previewing the new LOCTOTE collection. An anti-theft series with protection built-in, and style points to match.

LOCTOTE are no strangers to Kickstarter. They are perhaps best known for their anti-theft drawstring bag the Flak Sack from 2016 (that we reviewed) which was followed up with their fully-featured Cinch Pack in 2018. Now, they’ve come back to Kickstarter with their third campaign: the Mobility Collection

The Mobility collection is a seven-piece capsule designed with modern minimalism in mind. Unlike many other theft-safe bags, LOCTOTE marries security and style. Using luxurious weatherproof fabrics, subtle design elements, and reinforced everything (seriously!).

Sling Bag

This 5.5L sling bag is the piece that catches my eye and is arguably the centerpiece of the collection. It is an elegant, sleek option for simple refined carry. As with all of LOCTOTE’s products, security is front and center. Not only does it feature cut-resistant outer fabric, but it is also complemented by robust supporting materials such as the steel-reinforced ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) straps, a brass Cobra buckle hidden behind a leather conceal cover, and an RFID zippered pocket.

Organization-wise, you can bring it all with a fleece-lined tablet sleeve (8 x 5.5″), a foldable main compartment with both zippered and magnetic closure, a key leash, a hidden rear pocket, and two stretch pockets. Not only that, there is neat semi-enclosed storage that you can adjust by the main strap. When you want to use it, it’ll happily fit a water bottle or umbrella. When you don’t, you can just pull the strap and the pocket disappears!

Aside from all of these treats, there is the pièce de résistance: their Lock ‘n Leave system. This allows you to lock your bag shut to any fixed object, and it is going to require some rather heavy-duty equipment to take it away without your say-so!


Mini Cinch Pack

The Mini Cinch Pack is, well, mini. This will not replace your EDC or carry your MacBook around, but at 7 liters it is big enough to see you through a day of social events or sightseeing. It is packed full of useful pockets, a separated main compartment, a fleece-lined tablet sleeve (fits 8 x 5.5″ tablet), and two water bottle pockets. Of course, LOCTOTE’s robust safety measures are all here too including slash-resistant fabric, cut-resistant UHMWPE straps, the Lock ‘n Leave system, and RFID pockets. However, there is more to this than just the security features.

The bag is wonderfully accented with water-resistant waxed canvas, YKK zippers, and leather detailing. These touches show a company that doesn’t want compromises and believes that style and safety can pair well together for the consumer. This petite daypack is an elegant solution to keeping your goodies safe as you roam. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a leisurely stroll on a city break. 

LOCTOTE Mini Cinch Pack

Neck Pouch

This crossbody pouch is small but mighty. At only 1L, it’s all about the basics. The waxed canvas outer fools the eye, reinforced below by LOCTOTE’s slash-resistant fabric. Paired with those steel UHMWPE reinforced straps, leather accents, a simple stretch pocket, and RFID lining, this pouch is perfect for the bare necessities. You won’t need much more than a phone, a wallet, headphones, sunglasses, and keys when your focus is on the daytime adventure or evening at hand.

Neck Pouch

Passport Case

Traveling can often be stressful. It seems oxymoronic, as often we travel with the hope of broadening our horizons, relaxing, and perhaps seeing or learning something new! However, if you’re like me, there is that moment a few times during a trip when you realize you have every single important piece of identification, paperwork, and too much money on you. The Passport Case aims to appease some of that worry with room for two passports, 10 cards, boarding passes, a coin/cash zipper pocket, and an elasticated pen slot to house your favorite writing instrument. All housed in an RFID-safe case built from full-grain leather and luxurious waxed canvas. A well-organized travel solution that makes going through those airport gates a bit quicker, and a lot smoother!

LOCTOTE Passport Case

Card Holder

If you’re not traveling abroad, you may not need the whole Passport Case. LOCTOTE have you covered with a simple elegant Card Holder. A full-grain leather sleeve lined with RFID-blocking fabric and secured by a magnetic closure, this little gem will hold 20 business cards or 14 credit cards. Thanks to the leather construction, it should patina nicely the more it comes in and out of your pocket when you’re buying the next round. 

Card Holder

Undergarment Waist Pouch

Some days you just don’t want to carry a bag around, or you don’t need the heavier-duty sling. However, you still need your critical bits and bobs! The intelligent tiered three-pocket design keeps those important items close, whether you’re exercising or just keeping it minimalist and chic. Wear it over the shoulder (under a running jacket for example) or around the waist. The pockets are big enough to hold your phone, a passport, some cash, and keys. Soft fabric backs the pouch, so if it’s up against your skin, no itchies here! Oh, and it too is RFID lined; no credit card fraud for you.

LOCTOTE Undergarment Waist Pouch

Camera Wrist Strap

This simple combination of the UHMWPE cut-resistant webbing and full-grain leather aims to keep your camera securely on your wrist. So whether it be a clumsy drop or an attempted grab, this strap will keep that memory box close to you at all times, ready to capture the next magic moment (or family embarrassment!).

LOCTOTE Camera Wrist Strap

On LOCTOTE’s Kickstarter page, you can dabble in this collection in a variety of ways. Perhaps it’s the sling that takes your fancy? Well you can buy that, or any other item individually. Or you might want to buy a few pieces that work in tandem with one another? Well, then the Mobility Trio or Accessories Pack is for you! If you want to use all seven to keep your goodies safe then you’re looking for the Deluxe. If none of that is for you, then you can go à la carte and create your own curated selection. One thing is for certain, this is the time to get your healthy holiday discounts.

While this new collection is clearly impressive, it is worth noting what LOCTOTE is achieving as a company. They famously appeared on Shark Tank and have had two previous successful campaigns. However, what is most impressive about LOCTOTE is their company ethos. As a member of 1% for the Planet, their business focuses on creating outstanding products, from outstanding materials, that leave minimal impact on the earth as they enter production. Their wanderlust is apparent from the stories section of their website, giving thoughtful tips on travel, interesting insight into materials, and an engaging ‘How I Use’ series with ambassadors. The company really wants to keep your gear safe, your adventures more exciting, and your days worry-free. That is an admirable goal, and with the new Mobility Collection, you can “Live More, Worry Less”. 

Mini Cinch Pack


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