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HERZ shop visit :: Japan

by , April 24, 2013

HerzOsaka (3)

We were lucky to land Mr. Jonathan Lukacek as a guest contributor for this awesome shop visit of a traditional Japanese leather carry brand.  You may recognize his name, as he runs his own killer site from Japan called Bandanna Almanac, which we highly recommend you spend some time browsing through.  Funnily enough, Jon and I met through Instagram.  He offered to nab me a pair of Japanese-made Kapital Century Denim sashiko denim jeans direct from the source, and mail them to me here in the USA.  A few weeks later, they’re easily the single favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.

HerzOsaka (4)

In our email exchanges, we began discussing high-end Japanese carry, and he brought up the idea of a Herz shop visit.  We love learning about brands that are new to us and love seeing the various aspects of the handmade process, so this was a no-brainer for us.  Thanks for the post, Jon.  Enjoy!

HerzOsaka (2)

Herz is a small Japanese (Shibuya district of Tokyo) based leather craftsman workshop, which started in 1973.  A company founded on handmaking non-mass produced, made-to-order leather bags and accessories.

HerzOsaka (5)

About 30 craftspeople spread across the branches build each product to order.  I visited the Osaka branch recently to take a closer look at Herz quality.  In the store you can see how the leathers in each color will age, and get care instructions from the helpful friendly staff.

HerzOsaka (9)

“One person, one order at a time”: the traditional craftsman method.

HerzOsaka (8)

On my visit, Nemoto-san showed me how they produce an Osaka exclusive iPad bag.

HerzOsaka (11)

Watching him work I got a sense for the Herz philosophy of production and product.  Easy to hold, easy to use, timeless, and durable.  What more can you ask for?

HerzOsaka (14)

Looking at their other products, they keep things simple but to an extremely high degree of quality.

HerzOsaka (13)

HerzOsaka (15)

They use two types of leather in five colors, sturdy stitching, hand-set fittings, plus reinforced handles and wear-points.

HerzOsaka 1

HerzOsaka 2

The thing that I like the most though is that you can look the person who is going to make your bag or wallet in the eye before you lay your money on the counter.


Yeah, we (Carryology) want one or two of these beauties.  Great stuff; thanks again, Jonathan and Herz!

  • Jong

    The bags look amazing. I spent an ungodly amount of time reading the google translated version of their we site. Too bad they don’t ship internationally. I’d love to get some of their bags.

    • Derek

      Hey! I’m pretty sure you can order their bags through Rakuten. I was checking them out a few years back.

      • Jong

        Wow thanks for the tip. They do have a good selection of Herz stuff.

    • Nother Tip

      Also, google “japan proxy service” for similar options that are not restricted to particular shops. Fees are reasonable and you can take advantage of the downward trend in the yen. With handling charges, etc., it ends up being about a 15-20% mark up on your item.

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  • Yereno ET


  • Edielyn Gregg

    i have the Herz collection of leather accessories and wallet from Porco Rosso,the quality was excellent and the craftmanship was absolutely gorgeous,the Customer serveice was also great and you can purchase their product through Rakuten Japan.

  • Edielyn Gregg

    I Plan to purchase another leather boston bag,the small version,I believe they call it Pochette.Just go to Rakuten website and the google will translate it in English.

  • Murhamdilah Puteh

    I love the full grain leather he use but for a bag this small probably one closing strap is enough. Nontheless very good looking and high quality bag.

  • Crash TheStampede

    Looks like an Ebay seller in China is selling patterns based on their products. I bought a couple and then noticed the maker’s mark in one of the photos on this listing. Guess I won’t be using them after all.


  • Rafeyah Abdul Rahman

    Hi guys.. do you know if they have bags off the racks or just customised pieces at their stores? How long would I have to wait for commissioned pieces? Thank you.

    • TeamCarryology

      Heya Rafeyah, we recommend you follow that link in the intro to Bandana Almanac and then shoot John and email. He’s the man who’ll know 🙂

      • Rafeyah Abdul Rahman

        thank you so much


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