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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 27 April

by , April 27, 2013
Week In Review ~ 27 April

Source: http://www.coteetciel.com/store/bags/bowler-bag-black.html

Welcome to the weekend and the Week In Review. We’re checking out some chic carry for the office, a solution to avoiding flat batteries in your tech gadgets while on the go and some waterproof cyclist carry in the form of a duffle and a rather large messenger…

A ray of sunshine for tech-dependent travelers

Week In Review ~ 27 April

Source: http://www.o-range.com/en/products/

It’s bad enough when your gadget batteries go flat with no immediately accessible power source to recharge them in an urban setting – now consider them going flat in the outdoors where you’re potentially several days from civilization. Whether scaling mountains or a day out and about in the city is on the cards, o-range is an Italian brand that seeks to overcome the problem of flat batteries via their range of solar carry products that incorporate photovoltaic panels in order to trap solar energy to recharge your tech gadgets. Options include a solar iPad case, solar messengers and solar backpacks.

Duffle for the downpour

Week In Review ~ 27 April

Source: http://www.chromeindustries.com/bags/sotnik

Chrome’s Sotnik duffle offers waterproof carry for your everyday needs, with a roll-top opening and dual portability options (by hand or as a pack). The duffle has a volume of 45-65 liters, with an interior lining that protects your gear from the rain (or alternatively prevents wet contents from leaking) and a zipped compartment for separate wet and dry storage. The exterior straps offer additional portability for bulky items.

Carrying your EDC and then some

Week In Review ~ 27 April

Source: http://www.manhattanportage.com/catalog/product_info.php/bike-messenger-bag-xlg-p-422?osCsid=d1c16973fd4139aa2c139752a32a313a#!tab2

Sometimes you just need to be able to haul a lot of stuff – on a bike. The New York carry brand Manhattan Portage decided to take on the task of catering to this need via their 1620 bike messenger that offers 63.5 liters of space for hauling ’til your heart’s content. If you’re after waterproofness, you’re sorted with the vinyl lining and there’s some organization options through the interior and exterior zipped pockets (though what you get in these pockets will depend on how full your bag is).

Classy carry for work or play

Week In Review ~ 27 April

Source: http://www.coteetciel.com/store/bags/bowler-bag-black.html

Finding carry that’s suitable for the office can be quite tricky but Côte&Ciel have come up with an interesting option in their Seine Bowler Bag. The bag can hold a 13-inch MacBook Air in the center, with zipped compartments on either side. Côte&Ciel have a knack for pulling off eye-catching, casual-chic designs and their Seine Bowler Bag could work well in a variety of work and leisure environments.

Backpacking in style

Week In Review ~ 27 April


If the Seine Bowler Bag isn’t your style, or alternatively you don’t want to give up the carry flexibility of a backpack but still want something that will look good in the office, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie may have the bag for you with their Checker Kastrup Backpack. The pack has a cognac leather trim and handles, with a padded laptop compartment and interior pockets for smaller items. It’s got smart looks but it’s worth pointing out that this bag is not cheap, so the price might make this an infeasible option unless you have the money to spare.


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