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Introducing Our Carryology Concept Store

by , May 5, 2016

Oh yes. We’re doing it!

That’s right, we’re lifting Carryology beyond the digital world, and bringing it to life in bricks and mortar, to launch a temporary concept store, located in Melbourne, Australia.

You see, we believe – as I’m sure you all do too – that the ‘carry’ space is underserved; the items we carry influence our lives more than most are aware, and with this concept store we’ll place carry atop a pedestal, to be showcased and celebrated – think retail boutique, meets gallery, meets community hub. One radical space dedicated to the things we carry.

We’ll be curating the world’s best brands under the one roof. Showcasing carry from across the globe, from the likes of Bedouin Foundry, Trakke, Mission Workshop, Mystery Ranch, Côte&Ciel, Teranishi, QWSTIONMakr, Lexdray, GORUCK, Gregory, Rivendell Mountain Works, RAWROW, Alchemy Equipment, Tanner Goods…we could go on (but it’s not cool to keep on name-dropping like this!).

Exciting, right? We know! 🙂

And don’t stress if you’re not a Melbournite or can’t get here via plane or one-man submarine, because we’ll be chronicling the whole adventure along the way. Follow the story on social or visit our store’s site and plug in your email to get all of the important updates: like launch and event details, and special offers, and all that good stuff.

Stay tuned. So much more to come!

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  • http://www.julius.com.au/ Julius Cruickshank

    Well, thats a trip to Melbourne I have to make now.

  • Alex Lee

    This sounds awesome! Closest I’ve seen has been Te-Koop in Toronto, they’ve got a solid catalog of carry in-store. Wish I was in Melbourne :/

    • Paetroz

      TeKoop is awesome. Bought quite a few bags there. Well stocked and managed.

  • LessLeather

    Amazing. Seriously looking forward to this.

  • http://everydaycarry.com/ Bernard Capulong

    Cool! Congrats!!

  • Labryz

    That’s awesome! I so need to get to Melbourne!

  • henrikuu

    Yes! So pumped. Been wanting to pull the trigger on some GORUCK and Mission Workshop gear for a while. Now I can check them out first!

  • thetentman

    ir i was in Melbourne I might go if I knew the address.

  • Baba Ganoush

    Great! Too far from Paris for me, but congratulations! Send pics and vids.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.