Concept Store
Location: Melbourne, Australia

So, why a store?

Well, we’ve spent five years in search of the best carry on the planet, digging for those truly special pieces. Scooping them up and placing them on a single platform — — for all to geek over. Carry, there, on a pedestal.

Yet, in the real world, away from the ease of online, we found a disconnect. When venturing to stores, we noticed that carry was neglected and lumped at the back. Never at the front. The support act and never the hero.

So we got pondering. We got talking. And one day somebody — most likely Ando — said what we’d all been thinking…

Let's flip Carryology from digital to real life!

Consider our first adventure, the talking space that we created to celebrate carry heroes. The Carryology Concept Store is our next adventure: the physical space to experience those heroes.

Opening real soon…