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Drive By

Drive By :: HERZ Custom Leather EDC Pouch

by , July 11, 2013

Our friend (and guest contributor) Jonathan Lukacek from Bandanna Almanac just dropped us a line to follow up on his recent article he did for Carryology, the HERZ Shop Visit in Osaka, Japan. Jon ended up ordering a custom leather belt pouch (a very common form of carry in Japan) for his personal use from this legendary leather brand. Upon receiving it, he wanted to share his thoughts and experiences on this handsome product. 

Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 1

After sharing the last post about the Shop Visit to Herz, I couldn’t resist and had to buy something – I ended up getting the leather belt pouch. It was a custom order (¥18,900 / $187), based on the ????? (“two room storage”) pouch product. Click here to visit the individual product page.

It’s a two-tone amber on black leather and ideally for those who don’t want to carry a bag, but want a bit more storage space than pants pockets. The flap is a more roughly pebbled leather while the base is a more supple smoother leather. The Century denim serves as a nice contrast to the two tones of the leather.

Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 3

I am a minimalist for carry. Wallet (Barrett Alley Revelation), keys (leather key fob from Me & Arrow), iPhone (wood veneer back from Toast), occasional cigarettes and point-and-shoot camera (Editor’s note: I was shocked to see how similar Jon’s and my everyday carry setups were. Take a look at my nearly identical current EDCIn fact, I purchased this vintage Fast Color bandanna after learning about it from his blog…crazy. I even have the same jeans pictured here, haha.).

I don’t drive, and sometimes ride a bicycle. In summer lugging a bag around is not an option, it is just too hot in Osaka. The belt pouch serves my needs well. It allows easy access to wallet, keys and phone.

Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 5
I have been fancying this one from Herz for a while now and finally got a chance to get my hands on one. I did a custom order (no extra charge), as I wanted to go with a two-tone look. The black and amber reverse leather is an oil leather, low maintenance, with excellent luster and character.
 Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 4

The pouch design is simple. Two separate rounded pouches are riveted and sewn together. Brass hardware at stress points and tab closures. The hardware will age nicely with the leather.

Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 2

The accordian-like construction leaves enough room for my everyday: keys, wallet, coin pouch, and iPhone. With enough room to spare for cigs and a point-and-shoot. The design allows the compartments to expand when you need them to, and fall flat when they aren’t in use. Alternatively this could be attached to the handlebars on a bicycle, very convenient.

Herz Drive By Custom Leather Pouch 6

(Editor’s note:  I’ll be honest, now I want one too.)

If you’re interested in purchasing anything from HERZ and can’t read Japanese, Jonathan will help you make a purchase through them (one of the many services he offers). You can get in touch with him through Bandanna Almanac.

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  • Smith

    This website is bad news, makes me want everything leather/canvas! Haha.

    By the way, what wallet is that of yours in the EDC link? I thought I was set with the Bellroy card sleeve wallet but the revelation wallet is intriguing!

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Haha, hear you loud and clear!

      Man, you’ve got a seriously sharp eye for nice stuff 😉

      Trying not to give toooo much away, but wait just a few more days, guessing less than a week, and you can learn all about that wallet in detail (if you catch my drift).

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Don’t get me wrong though, I still love my Bellroy card sleeve (and no, I don’t work for them). One fantastic super minimal front pocket wallet. I rotate it in every few days.

      • Scott

        Hey taylor, not to labor on the wallet thing much, but i love keeping my Bellroy Slim sleeve in my front pocket, but sometimes its a little bulky when i have to take a knife/tool with me aswell. I carry ~5 bills and 6 cards in it, would that fit in a card sleeve? Would it be significantly thinner?

        • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

          Hey Scott,

          I own both the Slim Sleeve and Card Sleeve, both fantastic wallets. Though I only carry 4 cards, my card sleeve can definitely hold 6 cards, easy. I carry up to 3-4 business cards in there with my 4 cards, so this is roughly the equivalent of 6 cards. In fact, the Card Sleeve can carry up to “8+” cards. So I think 6 cards plus the folded bills should be no problem at all.

          I would think it would be much thinner, as it is Bellroy’s slimmest offering in their collection. The space you’ll save from losing multiple layers of leather and fabric from the billfold should be pretty significant. Plus, the overall dimensions are just tight and slim. Love carrying mine in the front pocket. Though the Slim can be carried in the front pocket… the Card Sleeve was born for it.

  • DS

    Slightly unrelated but since you mentioned it I’ll ask. Anymore information on those jeans? They look like they have a really cool texture!

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Heya DS,

      No problem.

      Those jeans are rad. They’re from a Japanese brand called Kapital, and the collection is “Century Denim”, to celebrate their brand’s 100 year history making jeans. Pretty cool, right?

      They use a Japanese selvedge denim as the base fabric, and then use an old traditional Japanese technique (generally used for repairs or reinforcing) of hand weaving thread through the fabric, call “sashiko”.

      I have the brown colored ones, where the base denim fabric is dyed with kakishibu (persimmon fruit dye) and then woven with indigo sashiko threads. I believe they even apply a coating over top of it all to help make them even more durable. The tactile texture on the exterior is insane, definitely a visual pop. They’re my favorite piece of clothing I own, but I reserve them for certain occasions in the rotation.

      Read more here…

      For those of us who are generally used to a pair of $30-$40 Levis, these are a huge departure… in a lot of ways. So much information to take in, haha.

      And if you’re interested in a pair for yourself, Jonathan from Bandana Almanac actually sourced mine for me. Be ready, they’re pricey :/ He’d be your best option to get a pair outside of Japan. Other US retailers charge at least 30% more than Jon’s price (direct).

      • DS

        Thanks for the information and the clarification below! They really are some of the nicest looking jeans I’ve seen.

  • http://Bandanna-almanac.com The Bandanna Almanac

    Taylor almost correct. 😉

    They’re not selvedge nor are they hand woven. Kapital isn’t 100 years old either.

    They’re an homage to 100 years of denim and Japanese denim craftsmanship. They are a kind of double woven denim, innovative and Kapital weaves their own denim in-house, so other denim factories cannot offer this product.

    They are a kakishibu color on the base denim. You have the option to add a kakishibu coating to them. Persimmon tannin aka kakishibu has been a traditional method to strengthen and color textiles in Japan for a long time.

    They also come in a sumi or charcoal ink dyed color.

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Awesome! Thanks for the clarification. It’s tough to get all the correct info when most of it is in Japanese 😉

  • B.R.P

    *looks down at his £35 olive drab combat pants and shakes head*

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Hahah – I hear you loud and clear.

      It’s funny, this. I never have owned any piece of clothing that is anywhere near this much. My shirt is a tshirt that cost $10, got a bunch of them, all in black. They’re what I wear 99.9% of the time. Generally, I don’t go for clothing that is flashy or anything. But the story, the materials, the construction, the history, the quality… they sucked me in. Kind of like a BRP messenger… I don’t “need” it, but that overkill is what makes it so damn attractive. (OK, I lied… I do NEED a BRP messenger, haha!).

  • digi_owl

    While i can’t comment on any quality differences, here is a Australian company with similar products:


  • Doug

    To Jonathan Lukacek: This Leather EDC Pouch looks awesome and so practical. Can you share with us its’ dimensions?

    • http://bandanna-almanac.com The Bandanna Almanac

      Height 13cm
      Width 15cm
      Gusset 2.5 cm
      Weight 250g

      Sorry for the late reply

  • helder

    Great post.
    First time to see you featuring a belt pouch ! I would be interested to see you doing some kind of study of the belt pouch market and reasons to wear them. I dont like too many things in my pockets and my wallet allways destroys my back pocket, makes me sit in an angle.
    Now I wear a eastpack fanny pouch, but it’s ugly, adds a extra ‘belt’ to my waist…
    Let me know what you think. (ps: great site; i read every post)

    • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

      Hey Helder,

      Thanks for the message.

      Love your suggestion for a belt pocket / EDC pouch study. This is something we’ll look into for sure. It may take a couple of months for us to do enough research to become experts on the topic. But, you can be sure we’re going to go after it so we can share a highly detailed writeup for you.

      Thanks for reading too, we love having folks who are just as into this stuff as we are!

      • helder

        Great ! I’ve been doing some research of my own and made a prototype belt pouch for my edc and I’ve learned some things

        – the hanging design like the one above might me more handy due to the fact that it doesnt interfere with your torso-clothing (shirt, sweater, jacket)

        – the hanging design is less practical since it flaps more when you run

        – some kind of straps that you can undo from your belt are also great: you don’t have to take off your whole belt when you want to attatch / detach the pouch.

        – In my area (Belgium), it’s not very fashionable to wear a belt pouch: it should be stylish, minimalistic.

        – –

        • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

          100% agree with you here on all points.

          I think the loops would make it easier to use, as it is lower and out of the way. But it would certainly wobble/bounce if you’re running.

          Really nice that it is removable without having to undo your entire belt. And same thing here (in the US), they’re not necessarily fashionable. But I think the right looking and correctly shaped pouch wouldn’t be bag. As long as it couldn’t be confused with a fanny pack!

        • digi_owl

          Something like what Urbantool is making?


          Tho stylish is likely to be in the eye of the beholder.

          • http://www.coroflot.com/TaylorWelden Taylor Welden

            Nice, thanks for the link!

            We’ll look into this one as well. I think I personally prefer the Herz to this style, but others may feel just the opposite.

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  • http://mindgraphy.tumblr.com M.S

    I also pumped into a made in USA brand called 1.61 that makes hip pouches from cordura, waxed cotton and leather that look like mini Defy messengers. I’m not personally into hip pouches although I think this Hertz one looks really nice and the materials and craftsmanship is beautiful.

    Check out the 1.61 dope looking pouches and their other nice leather goods from Etsy:


  • helder

    nice those 1.61 s + I like the “no velcro” mindset. Velcro might be handy, but is also not very subtle or stylish.


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