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5 Minutes with

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

by , July 8, 2013

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

We caught up with Daniel Clark and Adam Theobold from Rushfaster who shared their insights and thoughts on the world of carry from a carry retailer perspective…

1 – What key insights drive your stuff?

DAN – We don’t make bags, we sell them. However we still do make a ‘product’, our product is the ‘Rushfaster Experience’, the experience people have interacting with us. There are many phases and things that make up the experience and we’re always working on refining them. We follow a number of successful entrepreneurs and big thinkers, we listen to them, and then we come up with our own opinions. Some of the words that guide our decisions are simplicity, easy, friendly, ethical, cool and helpful. We also love looking at totally unrelated industries and applying them to our own.

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

ADAM – We are very involved with the online community and not only talk to, but listen to what people want. Whether that be in the products we carry, the brands we stock, the way we enable customers to navigate through the store in order to find exactly what they need with as little effort as possible. We look at the store firstly from a customer’s experience and try and make it not only the most awesome place to buy your next bag, but also so that they learn something. It’s about adding value in every way to the customer’s experience.

2 – Who else is doing rad things in the world of carry and why do you think they’re important?

ADAM – So many people, haha. In the US, I’m really digging what Chris Tag and his team are doing over at Defy with recycled and specialty sourced military grade materials. The end products are a little expensive sure, but they are making items for people who are looking for one of a kind craftsmanship. I guess once you have the item for 15 years it probably ends up being cheaper in the long run!

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

We’ve recently brought Chrome back onto the store and are really pumped about that. Their new Bravo backpack and Sotnik travel duffle especially are getting a lot of love around the Rushfaster office as we load them with as much beer as they can fit! We’ve also added Hard Graft to the store which to my knowledge is a privilege no other retailer at the moment shares. Their products are amazing, but I don’t need to tell you guys that! I’m also loving Sandqvist from Sweden, their products are beautifully simple, but sound. Although they rarely stray far from earthy materials such as leather, brass and canvas they’re using Cordura with some of their bags now which adds to weather resistance, which I guess is kind of needed to brave Scandinavian weather!

DAN – Brands that are creating products that last. Brands like Chrome, Crumpler, Hard Graft, Mission Workshop, etc. A big part of the Rushfaster Experience is discovering and using the product after you’ve bought it. Solid, well featured bags that are going to last you 5-10 years create an amazing experience for the Rushfaster community. They’re also in line with our core values by operating in an environmentally-friendly manner. There’s nothing worse for the environment than waste, and when you build crappy product you create landfill and waste natural resources. That’s important to us, and everyone.

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

3 – Are there any things other brands do that you think are great or could be improved?

ADAM – It’s an interesting time in the world of carry. We’ve seen a great shift over the last few years towards heritage inspired bags (especially in the mainstream), with so many companies riding on the back of the Herschel success. It will be interesting to see who stands up and really grabs the stage next because whoever does, plenty will surely follow. I’d love to see some more local Australian brands popping up and keeping the big guys on their toes. 😉

DAN – Bag brands should take the camera bag more seriously. They need to be cool, strong and they need to be functional. Crumpler do this well, Incase have released some awesome packs, but some of the market leaders in camera… I mean…we can do better, guys.

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

4 – What’s next for you guys?

DAN – We’re upping the anti, for sure. We’re improving the experience tenfold with a lot of new tech and processes and we want to bring you even more exciting new brands. We believe our website has fallen behind where it should be so we’re working hard to improve that and we hope you will like the fruits of our labor.

ADAM – Refining and building. We are forever focusing on ways to improve the Rushfaster Experience. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that we trust you are going to enjoy.

5 Mins w/Rushfaster

5 – What do you carry daily and how?

DAN – For a guy who owns thousands of bags (okay so they’re stock), I carry a fairly understated black Incase nylon backpack. I’ve been using the same bag for about 2 years, but that’s because it works, and I love it. Inside that I carry my MBAir, iPad Mini, Apple mouse, a free G-Star notepad that wanted to be a Moleskine (but I didn’t want to waste it), The Glif, a fisheye/macro/wideangle iPhone 5 lens, a GorillaPod tripod, every cable I need and then tissues, Dettol and a screen cloth. A detailed description I know, but I just love how I know exactly what’s in my bag and where it is…and whenever I need it, I’ve got it. I love a bag that will let me set up my stuff like that. All that said, I probably should change my bag soon so I’d love to hear what people think I should change to…tweet me @itsdanielclark

ADAM – Absolute essentials are my MBP, iPhone 5, pocket-sized Moleskine, a pencil and eraser, sunnies, and an ancient black on black db clay duct tape wallet. I am definitely a backpack guy. I get to play with a lot of bags in my position, but my faves day to day are the Chrome Pawn, Incase Courier backpack and Herschel Pop Quiz (the fleece-lined sunnies compartment on the top is perfect). I switch it up depending on how I’m commuting and if I need to carry a DSLR and tripod. Hit me up at @heyadamtheobald if you want to chat bags or have me check out your product.

5 Mins w/Rushfaster


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