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NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

Is This the Ultimate Trail Running Shoe?

by , July 9, 2024

Having grown up in Colorado, I have always loved a good trail shoe. While I no longer do much trail running, I have always been partial to their grip on adverse terrain. Most of my media work takes place outdoors, and I often have to scramble on slick rock and leap like a gazelle over and around boulders. The last part might be slightly exaggerated, but I usually need to move quickly.

NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

On a recent trip to Moab, where I was shooting offroad vehicles, I wore the NAGLEV Veloce Shoe for the entire shoot. I was on slick rock for most of the trail, and the shoe performed flawlessly. I have been using the Danner Trail 2650 for the past few years and have loved how they feel, wear, and perform. However, the last pair I purchased utilizes their waterproof “sock”, which I found too tight around the ankle. (The other versions are still outstanding.) The Naglev shoe has a similar “sock” type fit, referred to as their scree collar, and it fits snugly without leaving a mark. I have been using this shoe since early March 2024 on various terrains, from desert dunes to the mountains of Colorado and the slick rock in Moab.

Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

Who It Suits

Anyone with a foot can wear this shoe, but for the price, it is overkill for just larping around town. However, if you need a good trail shoe for adventures, this is an excellent option. It performs well on a variety of terrains.

Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

Who It Doesn’t

These shoes are not cheap, so if you are just looking for a shoe for everyday walking or travel, there are probably better options.

Trail Running Shoe


  • One-piece seamless Kevlar®
  • High rebound EVA midsole encased in Kevlar® fabric
  • Integrated elastic knitted scree collar
  • Rad topo design
  • Eco-sustainable fabric lining
  • Eco-sustainable Ortholite® footbed
  • Recycled and replaceable natural rubber sole
NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe


While on a content shoot for work, we took the vehicles on the Finns and Things trail in Moab. While everyone else got to drive the trail, I ran almost the whole thing. By the end of the day, I had about 15 miles clocked on the shoes. They performed flawlessly. After a day on my feet running along the slick rock and leaping like a gazelle from rock to rock, I had no sore feet. The collar of the shoe came in handy several times as sand, dust, and small stones got into my shoe, allowing me to slide it off quickly, empty the debris, and slide it back on in seconds. Even though the laces were loose enough to do this, the collar kept the shoe from sliding off.

NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

The sole’s grip is another crucial feature I look for in a trail shoe. I have had shoes that claim to be trail shoes, but the minute you get on flat rock, the grip is gone. This has not been an issue with the Veloce. Much of the slick rock in Moab is steep, and at no point did the sole slip or lose traction.

Trail Running Shoe

The Good

The shoe performs excellently. The materials are high quality, and they use many eco-sustainable materials. The Kevlar came in handy in the desert, where cacti can poke through your shoe if you are not careful. The sole holds up well and grips even on slick terrain. While they are priced higher than most trail shoes, the quality backs it up.

Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

The Not So Good

The price might be a negative for some, but they are 100% worth it. The biggest issue is the sizing. I followed all the instructions for measuring and sized up, but when I first received them, they were too large in the toe box. So, I exchanged them for the next size down, and when I received those, they fit lengthwise, but the mid-section was very tight. (Shoutout to Huckberry for making their exchange process so simple; they are the real heroes.) I loosened up the laces and wore them for a few days, hoping they would stretch a bit, and they did. However, the sizing is complicated. If you can afford to buy two sizes, that’s the way to do it. But now that I know my size in the NAGLEV shoe, I can order again with no problem.

NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe


The Naglev Veloce is a killer shoe. After I got the fit correct, I fell in love with them. They are well-constructed, and the materials are top quality. I will be a returning customer when I need new shoes, but it will be a while before these break down to the point of needing a new pair.

NAGLEV Veloce Kevlar Trail Running Shoe

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