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The Crumpler Brand

by , July 12, 2013

After how nice their first video turned out, we asked Astrid & Sirio to go check out Crumpler in Melbourne – this is what they came back with.


If you see a stylised Canon 5D coming out from a colorful case behind a shopping window around Melbourne, watch out, that’s not a toy shop, that’s Crumpler!

Born in 1993, Crumpler originally came to life thanks to three young guys determined to design the perfect bag to ride.

Certainly everyone here in Australia (United States, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Philippines and China) already knows the brand, but for us, coming from Europe, it was an incredible discovery. I mean, we have a European Crumpler, but it seems that many years ago it became a separate brand from the original one. That’s why at the moment they have nothing in common beyond the name.

One day the friendly and welcoming Crumpler people invited us to their HQ – a cozy, around 1000 sqm open space in the CBD’s heart. Over there, between old vinyl and tens of sewing machines overlooking Melbourne, the magic happens. An unconventional team, with unconventional ideas, carries on a tradition of manufacturing crafts, mixed with innovation and irony.

Have you ever imagined exchanging beers for bags? Have you ever thought to eat an apple Crumpler branded? Have you ever…whatever the most crazy things you could imagine doing, that’s the beginning of a new Crumpler marketing strategy, and it works! Snooping into old and new stories we’ve discovered passion, devotion and multiple approaches to the bag design focused on customers. We don’t want to reveal too much. Just enjoy the video to discover more about Crumpler…


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