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tom bihn aeronaut review

Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 + 45 Carry-On Travel Bags :: Video Review

by , July 4, 2017

The Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 and Aeronaut 45 are designed to give you travel freedom and flexibility, with multiple carry options and carry-on compactness. Are they right for your next trip? Delve into the review from Chase Reeves below to find out…

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  • niico100

    man Tom Bihn make ugly bags – why is this brand a thing? Are people blind? Looks like something you’d pick up for 50 cents at a flea market.

    • Jonas Hanna

      Agree with you about the looks. Most of their bags have an element of ugly that for the most part spoil it for me and prevent me from buying some of their product. Not all though as I own the Aeronaut 45 and the Tri-star.
      Out of all the “one bag” carry options that I own (and I own a ton) the A45 along with their packing cubes holds the most! Even more than the Red Oxx Air Boss which is another popular option for those that don’t mind shoulder carry. This is clearly just a functional aspect of it though and has nothing to do with looks. The bag nerd in me however is thoroughly impressed and therefore has earned a spot in the collection.
      The Tom Bihn Tri-Star’s front panel as another example is crazy ugly to me and if the bag is packed out which is not hard to do renders those pockets (except the bottle holder) pretty much useless unless you are putting a small tablet and passport in there. The rest of the bag however functions like a champ.
      So I guess to answer your question about why this brand is a thing – in my opinion it’s because they function extremely well and having used them are obviously well thought out for the most part. The accessories they offer that you can tether to the bag again appeals to the bag nerd.
      Their online forum is ridiculously active with users. Tom Bihn forum members are to me in another zone when it comes to participation. It speaks to the connection their products have with their users as ugly as you and I and many more of their users find them.

      • Nawksi

        The Tri-Star looks nice to me due to its utilitarian design. I don’t own one, but it’s not a bad looking bag. However, despite the marketing on the Tom Bihn website, I wouldn’t carry a Tri-Star to a meeting. It’s not nice in that way.

        The Aeronaut 45 is ugly, but you know what? I also bought one! Best travel bag around, IMO. Functionally excellent travel bag meant for shoulder carry or back carry. For me, when I’m travelling, that’s the most important part.

        Listen, I love my bags, and I do like them fairly on trend, but I’m not going to pack one of those useless designer duffels that aren’t as durable, carry less, weigh more, and aren’t as comfortable to carry. Vacation me doesn’t need to impress others with my luggage style.

    • Derek Crenshaw

      So, here’s the opportunity, create a bag that functions like this over-sized Toiletry kit (seriously, Amazon…Search Toiletry Kit), but looks better.


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