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Best Organizing Pouches for EDC

Best Pouch Organizers for EDC

by , January 12, 2016

Bags tend to get a lot of the spotlight in the world of carry, but we’ve got a lot of love for pouches. They make retrieving small items from your bag easy (no need to rummage in the recesses for that lost pen or multitool), some can attach to the outside of your bag when you need extra volume, plus it’s just plain fun playing with different configurations until you find a setup that suits your needs. But not all pouches are created equal, and there are definitely things to consider when scouting for a pouch of your own.


First, think about the weight. It’s tempting to go for a pouch that looks like it will survive the Apocalypse, but it doesn’t take many 600D Cordura pouches with PALS and PE stiffener before you’ve doubled the weight of your bag. Abrasion-resistant fabrics are needed on pouches you keep on the outside of your pack, but if these are living inside a bag, they can be much lighter weight.


Next, consider nesting. If your pouch opens wide and then relies on internal pockets to keep things secure, you often end up with crush zones in the centre and voids at the sides. It’s hard to get this nesting nailed.


Also not to be overlooked is how visible the contents are. Where the heck did I leave that blade/pen/USB stick…? Too many opaque pouches can leave you searching. Mesh pouches or transparent materials can help with this. Or fewer pouches that display their internals better when opened.

So now you’ve got some idea of what to look for in a good pouch, but how about a helping hand in picking your pouch? We’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best pouch organizers for EDC…
Need a functional organizer that comes in at a wallet-friendly price? This pouch has you sorted, featuring three internal pockets as well as a fold-out vinyl sleeve, with MOLLE straps for attaching to a bag or your belt.
Great for: organizing your daily carry in a versatile pouch that won’t break the bank…

Tom Bihn Double Organizer Pouch ($14-18)

Tom Bihn Double Organizer Pouch
Two pockets to organize your items, a urethane window for assessing contents at a glance, plus a choice of three sizes. This handy pouch is a great way to bring order to the contents of your bag, whether you need to carry smaller or larger items.
Great for: sidestepping carry chaos and lost items in your bag and easily swapping your gear between different bags…
Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer and Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer
Solid construction, a mix of internal pockets and loops, an external quick-access mesh pocket and a clamshell opening for easy access make these pouches versatile additions to your EDC. The Micro Pocket Organizer is small enough to carry in a trouser pocket, while the Fatty Pocket Organizer features exterior webbing for attaching to a bag.
Great for: hassle-free access to the contents and accommodating for EDC situations both with and without a bag…

MUJI Nylon Hanging Travel Case ($16.95)

MUJI Nylon Hanging Travel Case
This travel case is a handy hauler for your tolietries but also accommodates a variety of EDC items. A choice of three small mesh pockets and one large mesh pocket allow you to organize and easily see the contents, while a hook enables the pouch to be hung up for convenient access.
Great for: a toiletry kit that can do double duty as an EDC pouch, with a hook for easy hanging in a range of settings…

Triple Seven Gear Mini Kit MK-7 ($27.77) and Micro Kit ($22.77-23.77)

Triple Seven Gear Mini Kit and Micro Kit
The Micro Kit is designed to slip into small trouser or jean pockets, while its big brother offers extra space if you have larger pockets or a bag on hand. Each pouch is zipper-free for fast access (even while wearing gloves) and comes with an elastic retention strap to secure it shut. Two internal pockets run the length of the pouch, one of which is transparent and allows touchscreen use if you want to keep your phone inside the pouch.
Great for: quick access without the use of zips, plus compatibility with your phone’s touchscreen…

ZPacks™ Backpack Belt Pouch ($25)

ZPacks™ Backpack Belt Pouch
Designed for use with a backpack waistbelt that has a daisy chain or attachment point, this hard-wearing pouch helps protect your gear from the elements thanks to its taped seams and water-resistant zip. Plus it won’t weigh you down, coming in at just 0.75 ounces (21 grams).
Great for: fast access to gear without carrying unnecessary extra weight…

Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY Maximizer ($25.99)

Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY Maximizer Organizer
This pouch boasts a host of features to keep your EDC items in order. Offset-stitched elastic loops help make the most of the internal space, while additional organization features include an exterior and three interior pockets, an interior key fob and a paracord attachment loop. Plus the exterior MOLLE webbing comes in useful for securing the pouch to a bag as needed.
Great for: a pouch that applies thoughtful design to interior organization in order to minimize wasted space… .

Hill People Gear General Purpose Pocket Medium ($37)

Hill People Gear General Purpose Pocket Medium
This pouch features a 6/9 PALS backing for secure attachment to a bag and offers both a full-width pocket and two half-width pockets to keep your EDC organized when you’re on the go.
Great for: a durable pouch that’s happy on the outside of a bag and can handle demanding use…

Cargo Works iPad EDC Kit ($39.90)

Cargo Works iPad EDC Kit

Looking for tough, compact and functional carry for your tech and smaller EDC? The Cargo Works iPad EDC Kit provides padded protection for an iPad, along with interior pockets and webbing for organizing items. In addition, exterior webbing provides handy attachment points for keeping frequently used items within easy reach.

Great for: keeping your tech and small EDC safe and organized on the go in a tough and functional case…

Cargo Works EDC Note Case ($39.90)

Cargo Works EDC Note Case

The EDC Note Case is a wallet, passport holder and EDC organizer in one easily portable package. The case offers a choice of compartments, pockets and webbing for storing cards, a phone, passport, pens, small multitools and more. Easily access items when you need them and keep them securely in place when you don’t.

Great for: all-in-one organization for travel and EDC essentials, with convenient access on the go…

Bellroy Pencil Case ($39.95)

Bellroy Pencil Case

Bellroy’s Pencil Case is a chic solution for keeping small EDC, travel and tech items easily accessible on the go. The case can store a variety of items, from stationery and earphones, to cables, chargers and multitools. Pull loops on either end help with opening and closing, and the case folds out flat into a tray so you can quickly access individual items without rummaging.

Great for: an elegant way to store and access small essentials for work or play, with stylish aesthetics that look good in the office and beyond…

Skinth Solutions Milky Way and Trail Blazer
Need to carry a phone, pens, cards, multitool and more? No problem, the Milky Way accommodates all of these items and can be carried on a belt or in a pocket. If you’re venturing into the outdoors and looking for a place to stash your survival kit and/or other outdoor tools, the Trail Blazer is at the ready – but works just as well for urban settings.
Great for: multifunctional designs that can be customized with optional features to tailor them to your needs and preferences…

GORUCK GR1 Padded Field Pocket ($55)

GORUCK GR1 Padded Field Pocket
Built to withstand hard use, the GR1 Field Pocket serves as both a dopp kit and EDC pouch, can be attached to a bag courtesy of its MOLLE webbing, and provides mesh pockets to easily locate different items.
Great for: partnering with the GR1 backpack, plus the padding helps protect your gear…

Kifaru 500D Organizer Pocket (from $55)

Kifaru 500D Organizer Pocket
Designed to attach to the exterior of your bag, this pouch keeps quick-access items at the ready all in a tough 500D Cordura construction. The main compartment offers pockets and loops that neatly accommodate a range of items, from flashlights to a phone, while a front zipped pocket provides slip-in storage for your most frequently used items.
Great for: versatile organization for your EDC and reliable construction that will withstand regular use for years to come…

Original S.O.E. Gear NSW Admin Panel (from $55)

Original S.O.E. Gear NSW Admin Panel
Pockets, loops and Velcro take care of your gear on the inside of the pouch, while a Velcro and webbing combo on the exterior allows for attachment of patches and additional items you need access to in a jiffy.
Great for: if you like a variety of solutions to secure your gear both internally and externally…

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced ($56.25-77.75)

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced

Rich in features and rugged in durability, this practical pouch doubles up as storage for your EDC and a desk on the go. Numerous pockets, loops and a removable fold-out map holder keep your important items neat and accessible, while an adjustable cord lets you tweak the pouch from a clamshell opening to a desk setup to suit your needs.

Great for: accommodating a range of EDC, protecting papers and documents, and swapping between setups to suit different environments…

Triple Aught Design OP1 ($59-70)

Triple Aught Design OP1
The OP1 has a number of useful features to make your daily carry that little bit easier, including a clamshell opening for easy access to the contents, an assortment of pockets and loops for organization, plus a choice of attachment options for using the pouch with a bag or belt.
Great for: a durable pouch that can adapt to changing carry needs thanks to a range of flexible organization and attachment features…

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit ($99-199)

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit
Love a luxurious touch to your EDC? The Tech Dopp Kit delivers, with a stylish handcrafted leather design that looks good in work, leisure and travel settings alike. The kit comes in three sizes with varying layouts to keep your tech accessories neat and tidy. But there’s no reason you couldn’t use it for other EDC items too.
Great for: if you’re looking for an alternative to tactical aesthetics and want a chic EDC pouch that suits work and leisure environments equally well…


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