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The Best Tech Pouches and Organizers to EDC

by , February 11, 2019

Cables. Cards. Multi-tools. First aid supplies. Powerbanks. Stationery. Tech accessories. All the little necessities and good-to-haves that get you through the day are difficult to keep track of if left to their own devices. But a good pouch takes care of such items, storing them in one easily accessible location so you can get to them in a jiffy but don’t need to worry about them when not required. But what things should you consider in your search for such a pouch?


Single-compartment pouches with no organization quickly become dumping grounds for gear, making it hard to quickly access specific items. Keep an eye out for thoughtfully positioned pockets, webbing loops and the like that let you organize items neatly. And of course, consider what you’ll be packing. If you’re carrying bulkier items like laptop chargers, you’ll need compartments or pockets that accommodate accordingly. Will you be carrying fragile tech like a phone and tablet? In such cases designated protective storage will come in handy.

Bellroy Work Folio A5

Weather resistance and everyday durability

The chances are pretty good that you’re not going to be hauling an everyday tech pouch up a mountain in a torrential downpour. So you don’t need something that’s built like a waterproof tank and designed to take a beating. That being said, you can’t always avoid the occasional rain shower, spilt drink or bumps and scrapes that go hand in hand with everyday use. So a water-resistant build that stands up to daily use is well worth considering, especially if you’re carrying tech devices.

Boundary Port Kitt

Lightweight compactness

Most pouches are carried within larger bags. But you don’t want them taking up a lot of space in your day bag. So a good balance of light weight, compactness and functionality is important. Sometimes this means sacrificing a bit of durability to keep weight to a minimum. So you should decide whether increased durability or lower weight is a priority.


Your carry needs and environments can change from day to day. So versatility is a handy feature to have in a pouch. Perhaps you’d appreciate an EDC pouch that can double as a travel Dopp kit. Maybe you want a piece that can carry wet and dry items separately and securely. Or you might want to carry work tools during the week and outdoor trail essentials on the weekend. If these features are important, bear in mind how versatile a pouch is in order to determine whether it will meet the majority of your needs.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

So with the above in mind, we’ve selected some of the best tech pouches and organizers to carry daily, with a healthy dose of flexibility to handle EDC and travel needs…

Outdoor Research Backcountry Organizer (US$31.81)

Outdoor Research Backcountry Organizer

The Outdoor Research Backcountry Organizer offers a well-considered, functional and water-resistant design that accommodates a variety of items. Multiple pockets, compartments and loops make it easy to organize your gear, while the lay-flat design lets you easily access items. Plus it only weighs 2.9oz (82g), so it’s a great lightweight option too.

Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer (US$35)

Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer

Compact and lightweight but packed full of features, the Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer is ideal for those seeking lots of organization and convenient access to gear. The organizer opens out into three separate compartments (one of which is removable as a standalone mini pouch) with pockets for storing individual items. And with its useful rear hook it’s easy to hang the organizer up for easy access too.

Maxpedition ERZ Everyday Organizer (US$35)

Maxpedition ERZ Everyday Organizer

If you’re after protection for precious gear, check out the Maxpedition ERZ Everyday Organizer. The water-resistant, durable build and custom-molded semi-rigid front provide protection against impacts and the elements. Inside you’ll find a choice of pockets and loops plus a key clip. Additionally the organizer has a carry handle and includes two TacTie® PJC3™ Polymer Joining Clips for modular attachment to a bag or belt loop.

Side by Side Power Packer (US$38.95)

Side by Side Power Packer

Need to carry bulky cables and tech accessories? The Side by Side Power Packer lets you do so with tidy ease. The Power Packer includes Adaptable Compression Panels that accommodate bulky travel adapters and laptop chargers, while a choice of three compartments and a range of loops and pockets secure items neatly inside.

Cargo Works ADM Pouch Pro (US$44.90)

Cargo Works ADM Pouch Pro

Keen on low-key, versatile aesthetics? The understated design of the Cargo Works ADM Pouch Pro works equally well in work environments, urban settings or outdoors. And the organization is equally versatile too. The front flap pocket keeps quick-access items like pens and notebooks at the ready, while the main compartment opens flat and provides a variety of interior pockets and webbing. For carry convenience the pouch also comes with four Annex clips for attaching to a MOLLE system, along with two D-rings if you want to attach your own shoulder strap or clip it to a bag with a carabiner.

Aer Cable Kit (US$45)

Aer Cable Kit

Sleek, durable and adaptable, Aer’s Cable Kit lends itself to work, travel and play environments. Dual compartments, interior pockets and loops, plus a quick-access back pocket let you get to items with a minimum of fuss. And its carry handle comes in handy when using it as a standalone pouch or retrieving it from a bag.

Bellroy Classic Pouch (US$49)

Bellroy Classic Pouch

With its timeless style and thoughtful design Bellroy’s Classic Pouch integrates easily into a variety of carry setups. The self-standing design opens wide for convenient access and provides three interior pockets for organizing your gear. And for added convenience it’s collapsible to take up reduced space in storage or during your travels.

Cargo Works EDC Tech Kit V2 (US$49.90)

Cargo Works EDC Tech Kit V2

If you need to carry a variety of larger and smaller items, from over-ear headphones and chargers to pens and cords, the Cargo Works EDC Tech Kit V2 is ready to tackle the job. Dual compartments and a range of pockets and webbing allow you to neatly store smaller and bulkier items alike. And with the lay-flat design you don’t need to rummage in order to quickly access specific gear.

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer (US$49.95)

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer

Office-friendly styling and straightforward access makes the Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer an attractive pick for organizing workday essentials. But the adaptable design suits weekend getaways too, with a clamshell-style opening and multiple pockets and loops keeping items within easy reach. Plus there’s also a padded faux fur pocket for plush protection for your phone.

Peak Design Tech Pouch (US$59.95)

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Inspired by origami, the Peak Design Tech Pouch makes great use of space organizing items in multiple pockets while keeping a compact and sleek form. The weatherproof exterior helps shed off showers or accidental spills and there’s even an exterior pocket with a cable pass-through for convenient charging on the go. The self-standing design also features carry handles that assist in easy access on the move.

Boundary Port Kitt (US$64.99)

Boundary Port Kitt

Want an organizer that can handle EDC, small tech accessories, toiletries and more? The Boundary Port Kitt adapts to a variety of carry needs thanks to its clever dual-compartment design. The Duramax Kodra compartment suits dry items while the waterproof Hypalon compartment comes in handy for safely storing liquids away from the rest of your gear. The compartments can be carried together or separated depending on your requirements and changing environments. And for added functionality the Port Kitt can be hung up for easy access or laid flat for more compact storage in a bag.

Skinth Solutions Shallow End Dopp Kit (US$65)

Skinth Solutions Shallow End Dopp Kit

A lot of pouches are pretty bulky to pack in your day bag or luggage. So Skinth Solutions came up with a slim solution that keeps bulk down while organizing gear too. The Shallow End Dopp Kit measures just two inches thick but provides a choice of compartments to store cables, stationery, small tech items, travel essentials and more. For added peace of mind the Dopp kit also has a burly water-resistant 1000D Cordura build with YKK AquaGuard zippers.

Knomo Fulham Knomad Organiser 13″ (~US$102)

KNOMO Fulham Knomad Organiser 13"

Knomo’s Fulham Knomad Organiser blends chic style with a host of storage options, ensuring clean elegance and useful functionality for formal and informal settings alike. The design opens flat and offers diverse pockets for storing everything from cards to cables to tech devices. This version fits up to a 13″ laptop in the padded main compartment, though other size and color options are available too.

Bellroy Work Folio A5 (US$199)

Bellroy Work Folio A5

Elegantly efficient organization, beautiful materials and suave styling ensures you’ll be reaching for Bellroy’s Work Folio A5 for years to come. Made from premium, environmentally certified leather, the Work Folio fits an A5 notebook (and comes with one), plus a variety of EDC and travel items such as cards, a pen, phone, small tablet, earbuds, tickets and more. A savvy choice if you want to bring practicality and a touch of luxe to your EDC.

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