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PDW x Carryology | Modular EDC Pouch Essentials


PDW x Carryology | Modular EDC Pouch Essentials

by , November 22, 2022

We partnered with carry/EDC/outdoor legend, Patrick Ma and Prometheus Design Werx, to bring four new pieces to our Carryology Essentials program.


Introducing the Prometheus Design Werx x Carryology:


SPX Pouch (SPX-C / CE07)

Accessory Pod (AP-C / CE08)

Stash Pouch Size 1 (SP1-C / CE09)

Admin Organizer Size 2 (AO2-C / CE10)

HAL1 Straps Sold Separately

Iconic, functional, and hard-wearing EDC pouches from the masters at PDW, then elevated with materials and trims to protect your gear against the elements. A modular pouch system to incorporate into your existing carry quiver, no matter what you carry or whatever your mission.


Each CE release is carefully chosen because it’s “best in class”. The leading pieces of gear in essential categories, hand-picked and taken to the design table and reimagined. 




In this case, we have the modular pouch/organizer collection. Four industry-leading pieces with years of insights built in, paired with sleek and minimal lines and our signature touch of expression and performance. 


And if you didn’t already know, these CE collections are designed to be restocked and evergreen, so more folks can access them and carry them proudly. So if this sells out make sure to hit that ‘NOTIFY ME’ button.



The SPX Pouch is designed to hold most of today's smartphones and features an extra internal divider to stash a power bank so you can charge on the fly.


It’s the perfect pouch to access your smartphone while on the go without the annoyance of it being a weight banging around in your pant or short pocket when hiking, climbing, or during any active pursuit.


The AP-C is the classic pen and pencil case. A version longer than most linear-style zippered pouches and ideally suited for full-sized combo wrenches, art supplies, and any manner of writing and drawing implements. And it will even fit most popular brands of modern electric toothbrushes.


The SP1-C is designed to store a wide variety of items from the trail to EDC. Not too big and not too small, this handy zippered pouch is ideal for anything from binoculars to personal effects, trail snacks, and survival items.


The AO2-C is a true box construction, "drawbridge" type, clamshell opening organizer designed primarily to house writing to admin implements and compact tools.

Rugged Exterior

You know us, we’re huge fans of the Connecticut-based brand Dimension Polyant’s X-Pac fabric. Being completely honest, we explored some additional fabrics during the development phases, but then we circled back to X-Pac. And why’s that? Firstly, it’s awesome stuff. Extremely durable, 100% waterproof, made in the USA, and it looks awesome. Secondly… being that these are pouches to be added to your existing packs, we thought it would be a great way to “match” them with previous collaborations and/or your other favorite non-collaboration carry. It just seemed to fit all around, like two perfectly cut puzzle pieces. For this collection, we opted for X-Pac VX25, a three-layer sandwich that is a great balance of toughness, flexibility, and low weight for small items (like pouches).

Interior Pop (and Clear Awesomeness)

While we had our friends Dimension Polyant on the horn, we explored some exciting new liner fabrics for the pouches. Sure, an orange liner is usually our thing, but our jaws dropped once we started playing with DP’s PX05 fabric. It’s totally clear, allowing the white/gray backing of the VX25 to “shine through” for visual contrast and serious X-factor. For strength and durability, they added black polyester X grid (for strength and a nice visual pop) as well as a square grid of white polyester for ripstop properties (and additional strength).


Both the exterior fabric (VX25) and the interior fabric (PX05) are waterproof, so we needed to round out the protective shell with some YKK AquaGuard zippers. These are the semi-matte finish, no full matte, not glossy, just right. All exterior zippers utilize this zipper, with YKK reverse coils on the interior. But in the rare circumstance that you submerge your pouches, there’s also one water drain grommet at the bottom of the two admin-style pouches (CE09 and CE10).

Customize Your Pullers


Of course we went with a black exterior fabric on this collection, including black paracord with 3M flecks for visibility at night… but there’s an extra bonus included with CE08, CE09, and CE10 (CE07 doesn’t have zippers). Included in each pouch, there’s a little envelope with a full set of pre-cut zipper puller cords in orange w/3M flecks and olive green w/3M flecks. Now you can personalize your entire kit or individual pouches as you see fit.

Hardware Upgrade

Sure, the standard closure method on the SPX is secure and works well, but we had to add a little extra fun to the mix. We’re big fans of the brand, you’re big fans of the brand, everyone loves Fidlock. Magnets, one-handed operation, they look fantastic, and they give that satisfying *clack* when you close them. Specifically, we chose the Magnetic V-Buckle with a solid metal face for durability.

Organizer Upgrade

We really love PDW’s admin pouches, but to save a little weight (and cost to you), rather than purchasing a Velcro-backed organizer panel, we included it sewn into the pouch itself. Everything you need, without adding, removing, and/or paying for inserts.


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