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9 Ways to Organize Your Power Cords

9 Ways to Organize Your Power Cords

by , August 26, 2016

Power cords seem to have a mind of their own. Leave them alone for a second and they won’t hesitate to embrace the tangle. Leaving you with the frustrating and time-consuming job of untangling them – probably when you’re already pressed for time. So we’ve assembled 9 ways to organize power cords, helping you tame the tangle and get on with the important things…

mophie memory-flex USB Cable

mophie memory-flex USB cable

This cable (which also comes in a Lightning option) is shorter and faster to use than a regular cable. Its tangle-free form is not only easy to store, but also offers good flexibility for charging in a variety of positions. It also comes in different colors for quick cable identification.

Griffin Technology USB Mini Cable Kit

Griffin Technology USB Mini Cable Kit

While not as flexible as the mophie cable, these cables do come in a set to accommodate different devices. Like the mophie cable, they’re convenient to stash away until needed, and won’t tangle.

MACO Magnetic Cable Organizer

MACO Magnetic Cable Organiser

This magnetic cable organizer is quick and easy to open and close, giving fast access to cables whenever you need them. It’s also wearable, letting you keep cables tidy and out of the way on your clothing.

Recoil Automatic Cord Winder

Recoil automatic cord winder

As the name suggests, this organizer keeps cords under control through an automatic winding mechanism. Check out this video to see how it works.

Kikkerland Bobino Cord Wrap

Kikkerland Bobino

The design of the Bobino lets you unwind just the amount you need, allowing you to shorten or lengthen the cord as required. It’s also available in a choice of colors to help you quickly identify different cords.

Nite Ize Gear Ties

Nite Ize Gear Ties

These gear ties are reusable, waterproof and come in a variety of colors for fast identification and color-coding. This pack of eight includes four different sizes to suit a range of cords.

This Is Ground Cordito

This Is Ground Cordito

In addition to storing several cords in an easily accessible roll-up design, the Cordito also offers a zipped pocket for keeping other small items safe and sound.

This Is Ground Cord Taco

This Is Ground Cord Taco

Crafted from leather in a range of colors, the Cord Taco features a metallic snap for simple access and closure. It’s also available in a larger version too.

Pouch Organizers

Pouches for EDC

Pouches are a great way to organize several cords in a single, easily accessible place. The added bonus is they’ll be able to accommodate a few extra items too. Check out our selections of some of the best pouch organizers for everyday use.


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