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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 10 January

Week In Review ~ 10 January

by , January 10, 2016

Protecting your gear on your travels, carry for street and outdoor photography, and the benefits of a backpack and tote in one handy bag. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Smart carry for street photography

HoldFast + Fundy Streetwise Bag

Street photography relies heavily on being ready at a moment’s notice, capturing the unexpected and the amazing before it slips away – so quick access to your camera gear is key. That’s why HoldFast teamed up with photographer and Fundy Software founder Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg to create the HoldFast + Fundy Streetwise bag. Tough in build and understated in looks, the bag protects your camera gear while also blending into a range of environments so you’re not a walking advertisement for valuable equipment. The interior sheepskin padding is both water resistant and flame retardant. Plus it provides a pleasing aesthetic contrast to the durable waxed canvas exterior which helps keep your gear safe from the elements. In addition to providing fast access to your camera equipment, the bag also features a removable insert and removable false bottom divider to tailor it to your specific carry setup.

Tote access meets backpack comfort

SSCY Tack Day

Totes are great for easy access but backpacks are king when it comes to carry comfort. So which do you go for? With the SSCY Tack Day you get both. This versatile bag can be carried as a tote when you want to prioritise quick access, but conveniently converts to a backpack when you want to distribute weight and maximise carry comfort. The top-loading design accommodates large items, while adjustable front straps take care of awkwardly-shaped items. The Tack Day can be carried by hand, on your shoulder or against your back depending on your needs, and is constructed out of water-resistant 16 oz. cotton canvas with a PVC backing, metal hardware and YKK zippers. Two external pockets provide storage for quick-access items (with a handy key fob in the rear pocket), while an internal zipped pocket prevents small items getting lost in the main compartment.

Keyless luggage lock set for take-off

LockSmart Travel

A padlock for your luggage gives you peace of mind. Losing the key for said padlock gives you a lot of hassle. Dog & Bone are taking a different approach to luggage padlocks with the LockSmart Travel. Instead of using a key, this Bluetooth-connected padlock is controlled by an iOS or Android app. The app allows the owner to control one or more padlocks, share and revoke lock access with others, and track who uses the lock. The TSA-friendly LockSmart Travel features 128-bit advanced encryption and will be available in early 2016.

Pack in the photography, not the weight

MindShift Gear UltraLight series

Long treks, difficult terrain and a heavy backpack. Not a great combination. Unfortunately, this is pretty standard with a lot of outdoor photography. However, the new UltraLight series from MindShift Gear is designed to help photographers lighten the load. The collection includes the UltraLight Sprint 16L, UltraLight Dual 25L and UltraLight Dual 36L, weighing in at 1.9 lbs.,  2.8 lbs. and 3.3 lbs. respectively. The backpacks find the balance between minimal weight and durable functionality, offering side panel access without having to remove the bag, space for both camera and personal gear, plus a pocket for a laptop, tablet or hydration bladder. Each bag accommodates a tripod and comes with a raincover. In addition, the Dual 25L and Dual 36L also feature a removable camera compartment with a shoulder strap, allowing photographers to shed even more carry weight when they just need the essentials on hand.

Pack safe when you’re on the move

Pacsafe Ultimatesafe backpacks and Travelsafe portable safe

Keeping your possessions safe is a key concern during your travels, but Pacsafe is on hand with new releases to help secure your gear on the go. Their Ultimatesafe™ Z series includes the Ultimatesafe™ Z15 and Ultimatesafe™ Z28 anti-theft backpacks. Both packs feature a removable 15-inch laptop sleeve, zipper security to deter pickpockets, and Pacsafe’s slash-resistant eXomesh® 360° locking system which allows the bags to be securely attached to structures such as poles or fixed seating. Another new addition to the Pacsafe family is the Travelsafe® X15 anti-theft portable safe and pack insert. This versatile bag, which can be carried as a shoulder bag or tote, is a great option when you need a lightweight but secure bag and also includes Pacsafe’s 360° eXomesh® locking system. For further functionality it’s also designed to work in partnership with the Venturesafe™ X backpack series as a bag insert.


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