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The Elements Collection :: For Living Life Outside

The Elements Collection :: For Living Life Outside

by , July 16, 2014

It’s always cool to write about something you’ve been eagerly anticipating – it has that sweet kind of catharsis  – and the release of Bellroy’s Elements Collection is something I’ve been fiending for.

You see, we share an office, me and the Bellroy crew, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness the evolution of the Elements first hand: the inspired lines sketched and curled across the screen, the ponderings over swathes of leathers and colors, the waves of sample after sample delivered and tested and picked apart for any deficiency, followed by meticulous refinements and readjustments, all striving for perfection, and culminating to the singular goal of making the best damn wallets for life outside.


And kudos to the team for nailing it. These are three wallets akin to a life lived outdoors and the perfect companion for the adventurous traveller.

Comprising of three unique styles, these babies keep out rain, snow, sand and grit and are designed using the aptly named All-Weather Leather – a robust, vegetable-tanned hide carefully stitched and oiled to keep the elements at bay –  coupled with rugged water-resistant zips that lock in and protect your pocket contents like no other.

Time to upgrade the zip-lock bag? I think so!

The Line Up

The Elements Sleeve

For the minimalists among us, you can slip your cash, key, coin and cards into your cycling jersey pocket and knife through traffic like a boss.

ElementsBody Copy3

ElementsBody Copy1

ElementsBody Copy2

Elements Pocket

One size up, perfect for backpacking or surfing trips, swallows 12 cards +, cash, keys and even your spare SIM.

ElementsBody Copy5

ElementsBody Copy10

ElementsBody Copy4

Elements Travel

Large enough to accommodate a phone, passport and micro pen, along with any important docs and wads of currency – this wallet is already looking more like an all-rounder, hands down claiming the title of ‘flagship’, and deservedly so.

ElementsBody Copy8

ElementsBody Copy9

ElementsBody Copy12




Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.