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EDC gift guide

Gifts for the EDCer

by , December 14, 2015

A disciple of everyday carry puts extraordinary thought into what nestles in one’s pockets, their careful selections linchpinned by the filters of utility and preparedness. A personal array of essentials – collected and curated (and most likely shot in a finely-arranged grid) – is a telltale sign you’re in the presence of an EDCer. A member of a tribe that takes enormous pride in the little things, and are always prepared for kicking life’s butt in a big way. They’re gear geeks, no doubt. And Zen Masters in the art of carrying. This selection’s for them… 

Leatherman Squirt ES4 ($26.04) 

EDC gifts: Leatherman Squirt ES4

Multitools are great for getting you out of a tight jam, taking care of DIY jobs and helping with daily tasks, from opening boxes to popping off the cap of a cold brew. With this little guy, you can enjoy nine different tools in a compact size that fits nicely on a keychain or in your pocket.

Great for: …being ready to handle a host of everyday and unexpected tasks without having to carry around a bulky multitool.

Victorinox Swiss Army Manager Pocket Knife ($26.16)

Victorinox Swiss Army Manager Pocket Knife

The legendary Swiss Army Knife in a pint-sized form that’s perfect for slipping in your pocket or attaching to a keychain. The Manager does what it says on the tin, offering ten different functions to help you manage EDC tasks with ease.

Great for: …having access to a host of useful tools – including a mini pen and scissors – in a lightweight design that’s easy to store in a bag, pouch, front or top pocket, or keychain.

Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY Maximizer ($32.59)

Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY Maximizer

A lot of EDC items are pretty small…which means they’re pretty easy to lose in a bag. With this handy organizer pouch you can keep your small EDC together, organized and easily accessible.

Great for: …not having to rummage around in your bag for elusive EDC, plus a convenient way to quickly transfer your EDC between different bags.

Fenix PD25 Flashlight ($37.00)

Fenix PD25 Flashlight

Offering plenty of illumination for everyday needs, this flashlight has a range of output modes including a strobe option, a tactical tail switch for quickly turning it on or off, plus an IPX-8 rating for waterproofness up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

Great for: …having an easily portable light within easy reach for power cuts, walking home at night or providing extra illumination in dimly lit environments.

(multee)project Type-2 Carabiner ($38.00)

(multee)project Type-2 Carabiner

Keeping your small EDC items together and quickly accessible, the Type-2 Carabiner can hook onto a belt or bag and includes three keyrings for securing your gear.

Great for: …providing dedicated attachment points without impeding attaching or removing the carabiner.

TravelCard ($39.00)


A phone is a highly useful addition to EDC – until the battery dies. But this isn’t an issue with the nifty TravelCard on hand, a slim and portable 1500 mAh charger that fits in your wallet.

Great for: …keeping your phone juiced until you can commandeer a mains power supply, without having to haul a bulky charger all day.

Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release Keychain Flashlight ($59.00)

Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2 Quick-Release Keychain Flashlight

Having a readily available keychain flashlight sounds awesome, but sometimes the practical application leaves a lot to be desired. Rather than having to fiddle around removing it from a keyring or using it with a bunch of other items still attached, this thoughtfully designed flashlight features a quick-release mechanism so you can access it in a jiffy.

Great for: …saving time and hassle when you need quick illumination without awkward functionality.

Cha-O-Ha EDC Card ($60.00)

Cha-O-Ha EDC Card

Imagine fitting a toolbox in your wallet. Impossible, right? Well this EDC card comes pretty darn close, featuring over 30 functions in a form that’s durable enough to handle daily demanding use, while being compact enough to carry in your wallet.

Great for: …a multitool option that easily assimilates into your daily carry setup, there when you need it and not distracting when you don’t.

Tanner Goods Memori Stainless Steel Pen ($65.00)

Tanner Goods Memori Stainless Steel Pen

Beautiful, refined, hard-wearing, functional, timeless. The Tanner Goods Memori Stainless Steel Pen is one you’ll want to hold onto. Plus it accepts a number of ink cartridge refills, making it easy to keep it in your life.

Great for: …if you’re looking for an elegant and practical pen that looks classy in any environment and is built tough to stand the test of time.

Bellroy Card Sleeve ($64.95) 

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Super slim and compact, the Card Sleeve keeps pocket bulk to a minimum. Two external slots provide storage for frequently-used cards, while the main compartment holds infrequently-used cards and folded cash. Plus a handy pull tab provides quick access to the interior contents.

Great for: …shedding unnecessary wallet weight thanks to a pared-down design; plus it doubles as a business card holder.

Bellroy Phone Case – 3 Card ($74.95)

Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card

It’s likely you carry your wallet and phone every day – so why not reduce the carry bulk and enjoy a two-in-one design. The Phone Case – 3 Card combines protection for your phone, space for 3 cards and room for some cash and a spare SIM card, in one sleek form.

Great for: …minimizing your daily carry setup or bringing only the essentials for a night out on the town.

Benchmade 555HG Pardue Design Mini Griptilian Plain Edge Knife ($89.25)

Benchmade 555HG Pardue Design Mini Griptilian Plain Edge Knife

A hard-wearing 154CM stainless steel blade, ambidextrous thumb-hole opener, AXIS locking mechanism and textured handle for enhanced grip are just a few features of this versatile knife.

Great for: …if you’re after a functional, compact and durable tool that makes a useful edition to your EDC and can assist with a range of DIY and everyday tasks.

Mystery Ranch Java daypack ($199.00)

Mystery Ranch Java daypack

The Java aims to perk up your daily carry setup thanks to a front zip design that allows the interior to be exposed for quick access to your gear. With space for documents, up to a 17-inch laptop, as well as smaller items in a top pocket, you’re set for a busy day ahead.

Great for: …accessing the contents quickly, while retaining a sleek design that suits a variety of environments.

Kifaru X-Ray  ($376.00)

Kifaru X-Ray

Built for rugged use, with flexible top and panel-loading access, this tough EDC pack is compact in size but big on functionality. Suitable for use as a daypack (or even an overnight pack if you travel light), this bag provides plenty of webbing for exterior carry options.

Great for: …when you need a versatile EDC bag with solid construction that can handle a range of day-to-day carry tasks, with the potential to serve as carry for multi-day trips too.


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