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Bronze EDC

5 Amazing Bronze EDC Essentials

by , April 2, 2020

Hey Carryology fans, Shawne here from Urban EDC Supply to put a spotlight on a badass bronze lineup. Bronze is my favorite of the “soft metals.” It develops a dark, rich patina, and I love the history of its use in naval settings. Aside from bronze itself, other materials like titanium can take on the alluring golden color that we have come to love. And even brass, when aged the right way, takes on the same look. Read on to learn more!

Isham Bladeworks Blackstar V2 in Urban EDC Supply’s Exclusive Bronze Anodized Titanium

Isham Bladeworks Blackstar V2 in Urban EDC Supply’s Exclusive Bronze Anodized Titanium

Elijah Isham is a prolific knife designer, and for good reason. His aesthetic combines crisp, modern lines, interesting mechanics, and modern materials. The Blackstar V2 itself is a mashup of old and new. Inspired by a classic slip joint, this non-locking flipper has a bowie-style blade made of M390 steel. Coming in at 5.69″, this small, pocketable knife features a titanium handle that was anodized bronze for Urban EDC Supply and a smooth carbon fiber inlay. The double detent that Elijah employs on this model is not only fidget-friendly, it is legal to carry almost anywhere.

Hoffman Blacksmithing Bottle Axe – Bronze

Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe Bottle Opener

Blacksmithing prodigy and winner of “Forged in Fire,” Liam Hoffman pulled a scene straight out of “Honey I Shrunk the Axe.” The Hoffman Bottle Axe is just that – a solid bronze axe that will take down any bottle cap in the beverage forest. Plus, the head also acts as a prybar in a pinch. Each piece is hand-finished and a true work of art. So, gear up and start poppin’.

Carpe Diem EDC Memento Mori Stone

5 Amazing Bronze EDC Essentials

Carpe Diem EDC is the passion of none other than Jim Wirth. Jim is a staple in the everyday carry community, and when not tinkering with his creations at Carpe Diem EDC, he is helming Giant Mouse Knives. What makes the Memento Mori Stone stand out is the fact that it’s cast from bronze silver steel. With this design, Jim seeks to remind us all that life is fleeting and that we should make the most of every moment. And, as cliché as it sounds, he is right. Personally, I carry one of these in my watch pocket of my jeans. It is a fun conversation starter and gentle reminder that I might as well get it while the getting is good!

Ti2 Designs Techliner Super Shorty

Ti2 Designs Techliner Super Shorty

Pen lovers rejoice, I have a recommendation for you that not only writes well (thanks to the G2 Mini Refill), but is slim, pocketable, and fidgety! Thanks to the rare earth magnets at both ends of this pen, the cap is retained well, but pops off easily and creates for an epic fidget. Although this pen is made of brass, the forced patina on it gives it a more bronze hue, and I thought it went perfectly with this carry. Plus, you can’t go wrong with such an incredible lasered finish!

RoosterDog Designs Mech Figurines in Bronzed-silver Steel

5 Amazing Bronze EDC Essentials

RoosterDog Designs is the brainchild of Will Wirth, a 15-year-old 3D modeler and video gamer who taught himself to design and 3D print these amazingly creative works of art. 3D-modeled and individually cast in bronzed silver steel, each and every figurine is an original design and comes with a unique backstory that informs and inspires its design. 

Our pick, the RBot1, a mechanized soldier that fights alongside the Bipedal Assault Mechs (BAMs) and Oculous Quads. So fun!

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