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These Merino Clothing Staples Will Help You Travel Lighter

These Merino Clothing Staples Will Help You Travel Lighter

by , December 7, 2017

Travel offers a wealth of benefits, from meeting new people to experiencing new places, cultures and activities. But it’s also got its downsides. And one of the primary ones is needing to haul all your travel gear with you. After one too many sessions of hauling heavy luggage, Dan Demsky had had enough. There had to be a lighter and more convenient way to travel. So he decided to find it. And he did.

Dan co-founded Unbound Merino with two friends and fellow travel enthusiasts, Andrew Cariboni and Dima Zelikman. The goal? Harness the lightweight, odor-resistant and moisture-wicking properties of Merino wool to create clothing for travelers. Committed to creating quality gear, the company tested their clothing extensively, with Dan wearing the gear for 46 days in a row in a variety of settings, from work to the gym. Zero washes for the t-shirt, just one wash for the socks, and two washes for the underwear. And they were still fresh and ready to go even after day 46.

Unbound Merino launched their clothing through Indiegogo, and fellow travelers saw the benefits — the campaign was funded 992% and netted a cool US$374,390. Their crowdfunding success enabled Unbound Merino to deliver quality, lightweight clothing that allows travelers to pack less, reduce their laundry time, and get more versatility out of the gear they do pack.

The Unbound Merino pieces are designed to be the ‘basics’ or ‘staples’ for travelers keen on using Merino wool. And since they’re sleek and understated, they can be dressed up or down to suit different settings. Scoring higher in style points when compared to brands of similar price points (ie: Woolx) and more affordable than pieces from the likes of Outlier.


People from around the world have already clued on to Unbound Merino and its awesomeness for travel and minimalist living. And while they’re not all embracing extensive 46-day testing, some have been wearing them for days on end without washing and seeing for themselves that this clothing is well up to the task.

Unbound Merino

Why you can pack less and carry lighter…

Lose the dress shirt and workout singlet

These are timeless, versatile basics that have you looking great in any situation – casual or dressed up.

They also allow you to purposefully skip the flashy logos or embellishments and enjoy clothing that you’d be just as comfortable wearing to work out or go out. The kind of clothing that moves smoothly from a day trip to a bazaar, to dressing up for a night out.

Unbound Merino

Consolidate your wardrobe 

Unbound Merino clothing is offered in subdued colorways (black, grey, navy) – colors that pair up well, so consolidating your wardrobe is easier.

Unbound Merino

Wash less and wear more

Wash less: what makes Unbound different is you can wear an Unbound Merino t-shirt every single day for weeks on end without needing to wash it. That allows you to pack less clothing for a trip and enjoy greater carry freedom.

Unbound take all the incredible benefits of Merino wool and provide them in stylish staples that keep you looking and feeling great day after day. Merino wool is both lightweight and soft, so you don’t have to worry about annoying itchy clothing while you’re getting your roam on. But the comfort doesn’t stop there. Merino wool is also breathable and wicks moisture, helping you stay fresh for longer even during strenuous activities. Even better, the lanolin in the wool helps keep odor-causing bacteria at bay, keeping your nose (and your fellow travelers) happy.


Travel with just carry-on

Instead of having to pack two weeks’ worth of clothes in your suitcase, you can now opt to take a small backpack instead. That means waving goodbye to checked luggage fees and baggage carousel delays, and saying hello to more adventure time. Unexpected side trip? Day hike opportunity? Large crowds? No need to avoid any of that with no restrictive luggage holding you back.


Awesome gifts

When it comes to awesome gifts, the gift of travel freedom is right up there. But Unbound Merino clothing isn’t just great for travelers. Practical and versatile, it’s also well suited to everyday use. Ideal for someone who appreciates functional, quality gifts that deliver solid value for money.


The Unbound Merino 2-Pack Bundle covers all bases, featuring a choice of 2 crew or v-neck Merino wool t-shirts, 2 pairs of Merino wool boxer briefs, and 2 pairs of full-length or ankle Merino wool socks.

Alternatively, why not roll with the newly released Long Sleeve Merino Crew, handy when you want a warmer layer with all the benefits of Merino wool.

Readership deal

As an added bonus, Unbound Merino are currently running a special deal just for Carryology readers. Enjoy free shipping by using the code Carryology at checkout (US and Canada only).

Unbound Merino Long Sleeve Merino Crew

Note: This is a sponsored post, but only the best brands are given this feature.


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