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VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

The VSSL JAVA Is the Perfect Gift for the Coffee Lover

by , November 27, 2021

THE gift for the outdoor-obsessed caffeine fiend in your life. 

Over the last decade, EDC has evolved from just your keys, wallet, and phone, to any item you might need for adventure. We live in a time where getting hours outside is a key facet of most people’s days. And while scrambling up mountains or bounding through brooks is fun, many of us still want some creature comforts.

VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

Enter VSSL, the Canadian crew who excel in creating perfectly cylindrical solutions for the outdoor accessory market based on their outdoor hiking experiences as kids. Their First Aid Kits and Camp Kits have quite the following, and with good reason too; they streamline all of your essentials into easily portable and easy-to-use cases. And not just any cases; machined aluminum cylinders that fit perfectly into any backpack, glove box, or pocket. Accompanied by compasses and flashlights, these are really worth checking out.


More recently, however, VSSL have branched out and developed their products to focus on other important parts of the outdoor experience – like what you might drink on your travels. For many, that’s coffee. If you’re a coffee purist, you’ll know that there is nothing quite as good as freshly ground coffee; particularly when done by your own hand. However, when you’re traveling, that isn’t always plausible. While instant coffee can hold you over in a pinch, it’s rarely the coffee one would choose! The VSSL JAVA Portable Coffee Grinder allows you to bring your favorite beans with you as you push towards that sunrise summit attempt. 

VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

As with all of VSSL’s products, this portable coffee grinder is meticulously engineered. It’s made from flawless materials (military-grade aluminum and stainless steel) that should provide you and your beans years of service while out and about. It is a robust, weighty grinder that will handle years of use and abuse on the trail.

VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

A quick and convenient button press allows you access to load your coffee beans of choice, while stainless steel bearings allow for a wobble-free and smooth grind. The carabiner is not only useful for attaching to your bag, but is also a key component of the grind; it folds in half to give you a comfortable and well-thought-out grinding handle. Each grind provides around 20 grams of beans, enough for a single cup.

VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

The VSSL Java isn’t just a grinder for the field. This coffee grinder could be perfect for the office, for the car camper, and honestly, even on your kitchen counter thanks to its diminutive footprint. As per VSSL’s DNA, every detail is intentional; like the aforementioned dual bearings to balance the grinder and the 50 possible settings to choose your size of grind! Not only is the design thoroughly thought through, but the accessories complement a premium product. With thoughtful touches like a cleaning brush and cotton carry pouch, this is a winning gift. 

VSSL Java Portable Coffee Grinder

The VSSL Java is a product from a company that cares what they make, and more importantly why they make it. VSSL focuses on creating products that give you reasons to get outdoors. And now you can do that with a pep in your early morning step. 

Portable Coffee Grinder

Until 29th November, you can enjoy 25% off the VSSL Java (and any other VSSL items!) at their website


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