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Kickstarter Highlight: Kings Road Little Black Bag

by , November 27, 2018

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the world’s go-to platform for new releases. But do you ever find it hard to cut through the noise and pin down the ones worth your hard-earned? Well, that’s where this sponsored series comes in. We’re vetting carry Kickstarters for you, digging up the facts, and shedding light on the ones we think are worth a closer look.

This week’s selection: Kings Road and their Little Black Bag.

Stepping out on the road to simplicity

Kings Road is a bag brand. But more than that, it’s a family brand. The duo behind the brand are father-and-daughter team Damien and Neve Kelly. But the name goes back even further, to Damien’s parents who owned jeans shops in England named Kings Road. Damien has over 18 years of design experience and paired with his daughter’s fashion-savvy sense they set out to create a quality bag that can be used by anyone. A bag that suits a wide variety of needs and environments. A piece that gives a nod to the fashion icon yet workhorse nature of jeans, through its own timeless style and versatile simplicity.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

And they’ve nailed that brief with the Kings Road Little Black Bag.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

An LBB for your EDC and beyond 

The Little Black Bag (LBB) was designed to accommodate diverse users and wide-ranging carry needs. A practical pack that celebrates the union of fashion and function. The clean silhouette looks chic in urban settings, whether you’re commuting to work, heading to campus or using it as an EDC bag about town. But the durable build and adaptable design transitions into travel or active use too.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Made to move with you

The bag features a canvas body with either a faux or real leather lid and shoulder straps depending on your preferences. The D-ring shoulder strap attachment point allows the straps to move to fit different users’ bodies. And with its reinforced construction in areas of stress, you can breathe easy knowing the LBB will withstand regular use.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Efficiency without excess

The pack is top-loading with YKK zip access and features a light-colored lining to help you easily pick out the contents. An interior mesh pocket stores small valuables, while a soft-lined sleeve provides storage for a smaller laptop or iPad. However, you can fit a 15″ laptop in the main compartment if you need to. On the back panel you’ll find a pocket for valuables such as a wallet or passport, with its own zipped pocket inside.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

The clean feel of the pack is enhanced with minimal seams and low-key branding on the back panel, a simple tree logo that reflects the brand’s deep family roots.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Inspired by generations

Not only is the LBB inspired by multi-generational family history, but its appeal spans generations too. And it does so through stylish minimalism that doesn’t forget functionality. It’s well suited to carrying the essentials but pares back unnecessary elements. If the LBB’s elegant simplicity and style speaks to you, you can pick up your very own through the Kings Road Kickstarter campaign which runs until 8 December 2018.

Kings Road Little Black Bag

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.


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