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Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

Kickstarter Highlight: Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

by , October 5, 2017

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the world’s go-to platform for new releases. But do you ever find it hard to cut through the noise and pin down the ones worth your hard-earned? Well, that’s where this sponsored series comes in. We’re vetting carry Kickstarters for you, digging up the facts, and shedding light on the ones we think are worth a closer look.

This week’s selection: Dango Products and their P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen.

The quest to clean up pocket essentials

Grabbing a cup of coffee, paying for groceries, or zipping onto public transport for the daily commute? You’ll need your wallet at the ready. But how about somewhere to write down that to-do list, or capture that fleeting moment of inspiration? Pen and paper comes in handy here. But bring them all together and your pockets start to get pretty crowded.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

That’s where Dango Products come in. They let you forge ahead with all of these items neatly and compactly tucked away until needed. How do they do it? With the P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet and its trusty pen and notebook.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

Functional carry freedom

If your wallet is going to work hard for you, it needs to be built to last. And the P01 Pioneer Wallet is. Cut, sewn and assembled in San Francisco, the wallet is crafted with handsome and hard-wearing vegetable-tanned Italian leather that will age beautifully with use. RFID-blocking material keeps your personal information secure on the move, while the silicone band lets you get flexible with how you want to use the wallet. Use it to secure both pockets together, keep it on just one side or remove it if desired. The band is handy for stashing folded bills, receipts or other flat items you want to keep at the ready. Designed to fit up to 20 cards, the wallet can also hold the Dango MT02 Multi-Tool (available separately) for all-in-one storage. And of course, there’s dedicated space for Dango’s durable pen and useful notebook.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen 1

Putting pen to paper to pocket

To create a pen worthy of your EDC and a home inside the Pioneer Wallet, Dango designed a sleek and durable pen CNC’d in the USA using 6061 aerospace grade aluminum. Each pen features an anodized finish, silicone o-rings for improved grip and a slotted end that accommodates items such as keyrings or lanyards. The pen comes with a Schmidt 4889M black ink refill that writes at any angle and in extreme temperatures, and is also compatible with Fisher Space ink refills.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

The pen slots conveniently into the center of the wallet, easily accessible when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. The perfect partner to the pen, a 24-page Dango Notebook is included with each wallet and pen set. The notebook’s compact and slim design fits tidily inside the wallet, easily forming part of your EDC to help ensure those moments of inspiration or must-do tasks aren’t forgotten.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

Effortless, efficient EDC

The Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet, Pen and Notebook are a great addition to both work and downtime EDC. Functional enough to handle day-to-day needs as and when they arise, while remaining easily portable and keeping carry bulk down.

Want to get more efficiency out of your daily carry setup? Check out the P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen Kickstarter campaign, which has already smashed its funding goal and runs until November 3 2017.

Dango Products P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.


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