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Bespoke Carry Boxes

Bespoke Post :: Curated Gear Straight To Your Door

by , August 2, 2017

The anticipation of delivery. The excitement of unwrapping the packaging. The thrill of running your fingers over drool-worthy gear. For gear aficionados there’s nothing quite like the high of acquiring a new piece to add to your collection. But it’s not without its drawbacks. Hours quickly slip away as you pore over website product pages. And switching from digital to bricks and mortar also takes a chunk out of your downtime. Not to mention the cost. All that gear adds up fast, and you may find your bank balance taking a solid hit. But how else can a gear junkie get their fix? Simple. The curated service from Bespoke Post, delivering awesome gear straight to your door.

Bespoke Post Delta

Your gear, your way

Bespoke Post have made it their mission to save you time and money while providing gear you’ll love. And they’re darn good at it. So how does it work? Bespoke Post offers themed boxes that cater to a range of lifestyles, from food to fashion and travel, delivering one each month that suits your personal tastes and preferences. Simply take a short lifestyle questionnaire when creating an account and Bespoke Post will accurately assign you a box at the beginning of each month.

No need to spend hours hunting down gear yourself. Bespoke Post do all the hard work for you. Simply sit back and enjoy a curated box of carry goodness delivered hassle-free every month. Not only is it straight up fun digging into your box, but it’s also a great opportunity to discover carry gems you may not have heard of or considered before. And if you’re not feeling a particular box that month, no problem. You get five days to decide whether each box is right for you. Switch to another if you don’t like it, or simply opt out that month with no charge. The service is also free to join and you can cancel at any time. No lengthy commitments tying you in. Just great gear when you want it.

Bespoke Post Weekender

Tasty pieces and sweet savings

Bespoke Post partner with a variety of quality small brands to find awesome products, while also passing on great savings for their customers through large buys. Each box costs $45, but the gear inside is worth over $70. And with free shipping and exchanges in the contiguous US, it’s easy to see how that value quickly adds up.

Bespoke Post Cargo

So what kind of carry gear can you expect?

Here’s a little taste of what you might find in one of Bespoke Post’s EDC/carry-themed boxes:


A stylish and durable canvas and leather bag for when it’s time to roam.



A slim waxed canvas briefcase for keeping it classy on the commute.

dispatch briefcase


With a suave leather wallet, copper hip flask, key ring and handkerchief in tow, you’re ready to scout out adventure day and night.

Scout Bespoke Box


A slim wallet, reliable EDC pen, handy key knife/bottle opener, and bandanna lets you easily take a range of day-to-day tasks in stride.

Delta Bespoke Box

Standard Issue

This combo of a military-inspired duffel and packable compressed towel tablets are great for overnight and short trips, or even EDC when you just gotta haul gear.

Bespoke Post Standard Issue

Want a curated touch to your carry collection?

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