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Bellroy Travel Wallet :: The Wallet We Always Recommend

Bellroy Travel Wallet :: The Wallet We Always Recommend

by , October 8, 2014

This is our first sponsored post (ever!), and it’s natural to wonder if the hype is simply because there’s payment involved, but for the record, you can trust that these posts will only feature great products because it’s not just about brands putting themselves out there; our reputation is on the line too.

We pride ourselves on telling it like it is and only recommending gear if we truly think it’s awesome. As such, sponsors will be entirely curated (only the best stuff) and their posts will be an occasional nod to useful products worth checking out, not a bombardment of “Buy this now!”. We swear. 

So with that, we introduce our first sponsored post courtesy of Bellroy. We’re always getting asked about travel wallets, and we always recommend Bellroy’s Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Our Travel Wallet aims to rid the world of the dreaded ‘man purse’. With features ranging from a designated passport sleeve to a means of enabling tickets and boarding passes to fold without creasing, this wallet keeps important travel documents close and secure while remaining slim and stylish.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Designed for the journey

Ever rummaged frantically through your bags for your passport as the plane gets ready to leave without you? Travel can be stressful enough without the added pressure of misplacing vital documents such as your tickets or passport. We created the Travel Wallet so that you can dump all the emotional baggage of turbulent airport trips and switch to a journey that’s plain sailing.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

We couldn’t find a travel wallet that could fit in our pocket while also being able to hold tickets and documents. That’s why we designed our Travel Wallet to do just that. You’ll have peace of mind that all your important documents are stored securely in one place, in a format that’s compact enough to fit in your pocket. The wallet has dedicated sections for cash, cards, tickets, your passport and even a handy pen. We hunted high and low for a pen that would do this wallet justice. The one we chose is from Japan and comes with a refill so you can enjoy its convenience for many trips to come.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Features at a glance

  • 4-10+ cards
  • 9.7cm x 15cm
  • Sections for passport, tickets & bills
  • 4 quick-access card slots (+ 2 extra slots)
  • Micro travel pen with refill
  • Premium vegetable-tanned cow leather
  • Backed by our 3-year warranty


Bellroy Travel Wallet

“We used the Bellroy Travel Wallet on a recent trip and became increasingly fond of its sleek design with each airport encounter. Thanks to the micro travel pen hidden in the center of the wallet, filling out customs forms on the plane is a snap” – COOL HUNTING

We have now heard about world champions, celebrities, global CEOs and just plain awesome customers who have all become addicted to this wallet when traveling. It really does allow you to embrace the saying that it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

*Disclaimer: Big thanks to Bellroy for the sponsorship bucks! Little things like this helps us keep our community going. 🙂

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