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chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

A Minimal Leather Backpack Perfect for Everyday

by , April 4, 2019

There’s something special about a quality leather backpack. A sophisticated aesthetic that draws you in. A luxurious feel that makes you proud to wear it. And a timeless class that effortlessly elevates your carry game. But all that pleasing carry goodness often comes with a not-so-pleasing price tag. And while there’s no denying that it costs a fair amount of money to make quality pieces, astronomical retail markups put them out of the reach of many consumers.

But chelon believes in a different approach. Creating premium carry without the luxury price tag. Carry that isn’t just aesthetically attractive but actually performs well too. A solid tool for your daily setup that just so happens to look darn good too. And it’s clear that they’re serious about this approach, stepping up with a top-notch first offering that means business. The chelon Everyday Leather Backpack.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

From passion to everyday practicality 

chelon was founded by Shane Roach,whose passion for leather backpacks was ignited while working as a Retail Management Intern at Nordstrom. That role helped hone numerous skills, from inventory management to merchandising. Skills that would be added to during his time spent at Everlane. Shane worked as a customer experience and operations associate for the game-changing brand that disrupted the industry with what Everlane likes to call Radical Transparency. Working with ethical factories and being transparent about the cost of every product they make and the markups they put on them.

From Everlane he transitioned to Lyft and the business skills Shane developed at both companies would come to serve him well in founding his own brand. You see, that love of leather backpacks had never left Shane. So he decided to do something about it, researching the leather backpack market and designing and ordering samples. And while it took time and tweaking, he was eventually able to bring his idea to life. A leather backpack that exudes quality and elegance, performs well in a variety of everyday environments and tasks, and doesn’t come with an extortionate price tag.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

A sound investment from start to finish

Working on a direct-to-consumer model allows chelon to cut a lot of traditional retail costs and focus on investing money where it really counts. Sourcing premium materials and expert craftsmanship to create luxurious products without a luxurious markup. The Everyday Leather Backpack features a minimalist design that allows the premium materials to really shine. Full-grain leather with hand-painted edges. Beautiful, durable and ready to tell your own carry story as it develops a distinct patina and character over the years. Fully polished metal hardware and detailing, from the buckles to the four metal feet on the base. Not to mention top-notch Japanese YKK Excella zippers.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

The unisex, minimalist design comes in Black and Brown and steps effortlessly into formal and informal work settings alike. Plus you’ve got space to store gym gear for a workout before or after the daily grind. Want to step out in style on a day trip? You’re sorted. Looking for a chic overnight bag for a pared-back packing list? You’re covered. With its clean lines and subtle branding, the Everyday Leather Backpack glides from work to play and weekdays to the weekend.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

Efficient elegance for essentials

The uncluttered, simple organization complements the minimalist feel of the bag. Slip pockets on each side and a front zippered pocket store frequently used items within easy reach. The interior laptop sleeve fits up to 13″ devices and there’s also an interior zippered pocket for small items and valuables. A nice added touch? The backpack comes with a drawstring dust bag for storage protection.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

A professional approach to affordable luxury 

There’s no shortage of everyday backpacks out there. But finding one that pairs suave looks with practical, versatile design and premium materials, all with a reasonable price tag? Now that’s a challenge. But it’s a challenge well conquered with the chelon Everyday Leather Backpack. A bag that upgrades your EDC both in style and adaptability, keeping up wherever the day takes you and doing so in subtle sophistication.

chelon Everyday Leather Backpack

This article was sponsored by chelon – check out chelon’s website and Instagram here



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