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The Level Collective Scout Pack


The Level Collective Scout Pack Review

by , May 5, 2022
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The humble sling has come a long way in recent years. Growing in popularity as a perfect solution when you want to cut down on your carry but still keep gear secure and accessible. Hailing from the UK, The Level Collective Scout Pack first stepped onto the sling scene last year. It’s designed to be a multifunctional piece that takes you from city streets to outdoor rambles and beyond. So, how does it fare in use and is it right for you? Let’s find out…

The Level Collective Scout Pack


  • Name: Scout Pack
  • Brand: The Level Collective
  • Format: Sling/Waist Bag
  • Measurement: Height: 120mm, Width: 250mm, Depth: 35mm
  • Capacity:
  • Weight: 350g
  • Zippers: YKK
  • Material: Halley Stevensons weatherproof waxed organic cotton
  • Price£149


Who It Suits

Don’t need to carry a lot but still want to keep your essentials secure? The Scout is a solid little workhorse that will keep your gear secure with its beefy zipper and water-resistant build. Fans of waxed cotton and durable construction will appreciate its quality look and feel. And those who like to alternate between cross-body and waist carry will appreciate the flexible portability. It’s a versatile design that can suit a lot of settings, carrying EDC gear, travel essentials, quick-and-light setups for exploring the trails, and more.

Who It Doesn’t

If you prefer high-tech to heritage in the aesthetics department, this might not be to your personal tastes. And obviously, its compact size won’t suit those who need to carry larger gear like laptops. It’s also fairly minimal in terms of organization, which might not suit your packing style. And lastly, this bag won’t suit those seeking a budget-friendly option. At £149 there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s expensive.

The Level Collective Scout Pack



As touched on above, The Level Collective Scout Pack salutes heritage styling with its waxed organic cotton. But the fairly clean exterior gives the bag a sleek feel that fits easily into a range of different environments, from urban explorations to outdoor rambles. The bag comes in four colorways, which is a nice touch too. Black, Navy, and Stone for a more understated vibe, as well as Mustard for an upbeat punch of color if you’re looking to jazz things up a bit.

You’ll find a small logo patch on the bottom corner of the bag; the only exterior branding and an understated nod to the brand’s love of the outdoors and sustainability.

The Level Collective Scout

Construction, Materials, and Hardware

The Scout Pack exudes quality as soon as you see it. And that sense of premium quality only increases when you handle the bag and venture out with it. This is due to a combination of excellent construction and top-notch materials and hardware.

The bag is made by hand in the UK. Inside you’ll even find a label with the name of the maker; a high-five to small-batch manufacturing and taking pride in your products. Every aspect of the bag feels sturdy and built to last for the long haul. The stitching is nice and neat with no loose threads and bartacking reinforces high-stress areas such as where the strap connects to the bag.

The Level Collective Scout Pack

The Scout Pack uses Halley Stevensons weatherproof waxed organic cotton, which feels super-durable and stands up really well to regular use. The waxed organic cotton is paired with British woven cotton webbing for the strap, a nice chunky YKK zipper with dual paracord pulls, custom stainless steel buckles laser-cut in the UK, and untanned natural Spanish leather for the strap loop. I think all the material and hardware elements work well together as a whole. Nothing feels out of place and they all add to the sense that this bag will last for many years of use, aging gracefully as it does so.

The Level Collective Scout Pack


Space & Access

Sling bags should provide secure yet easy access to your gear. So how does the Scout fare? Really well. One of the key elements to its success is dual zipper pulls, allowing you to access the bag from either end. Webbing loops on either end serve as grab spots to ease opening and closing and can also be used to secure carabiners or keychains. Additionally, the bag opens wide, making it easy to see and retrieve various items inside. The Mustard colorway features a combination of red and mustard in the interior, making it straightforward to spot individual items.

The Level Collective Scout Pack

The organization inside is simple. Two slip pockets on the back panel (one small and one large), along with a key leash with a metal key ring on the front panel. At roughly 16cm long by 10cm high, I reckon the larger pocket should hold most wallets comfortably. The smaller pocket measures roughly 8cm long by 10cm high and I found this a useful spot for smaller items like dog waste bags. It’s worth noting the pockets don’t have any extra give to them (unlike for example elasticized mesh). So if you’re storing items inside that are a tight fit, you might have a bit of a wrestling match to get them out.

My phone with its case on fits inside the larger pocket at a wiggled push and is certainly secure once inside (it won’t fall out even if you shake the bag upside down). The flip side is a bit of a time-consuming wriggle to get it out again. I appreciate this may sound like a bit of a nitpick and the simple fix is obviously just to store larger items in the main section for easier access. But if we’re talking ideal personal preferences, borrowing say a cm from the smaller pocket to make the larger one a little bit bigger or elasticizing the pocket in some way would be the sweet spot for me. However, I do want to state that my phone fits very easily in the large pocket without its case on. So what you’ll be able to fit in here will vary depending on your personal setup.

The Level Collective Scout Pack

There are no exterior pockets; just the ones mentioned above. This will work great for some and not so great for others. Employing some pouches could be handy if you’re carrying a lot of smaller items. That being said, you’re not dealing with a cavernous pit here so it should be easy enough to retrieve various items even without additional modular organization.

In terms of space, The Level Collective Scout Pack holds a surprising variety of gear. It should hold most small tablets or e-readers (a Kindle for instance fits with plenty of room to spare). Plus a variety of books if paper is your jam. You can fit EDC essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, a small water bottle, and packable outer layer with ease. And even more obscure items like a 700ml gin bottle (short bottle, not a tall one). Suffice it to say it’s very versatile in the range of loadouts it can carry, making it useful for everyday, travel, and outdoor use.

The Level Collective Scout Pack


The Level Collective Scout Pack features a fairly wide strap to distribute the load. The webbing feels durable yet comfortable and won’t scuff up your clothing. Being a sling, you’ve got some carry flexibility here. The bag can be worn around the waist or across the chest or back, giving you the freedom to keep it out of the way when not in use or alternatively ensuring quick-access items are close at hand depending on your preferences and environment.

When it comes to getting the bag on or off, the stainless steel buckle and leather loop work well together. You’re not going to be able to open or close the strap one-handed and it’s a little more time-consuming than say a magnetic or side-release buckle. However, we’re talking perhaps an extra two seconds, so nothing major. The buckle feels secure when it’s attached and as mentioned above, the leather and stainless steel combo complements the waxed cotton really well.

Be aware there isn’t any padding in the bag or on the strap, so you’re not going to want to walk around with any contents that will potentially prod you or particularly heavy loads. That being said, if you do need to haul heavy gear, in general slings shouldn’t be your go-to. You’ll be better off venturing into backpack or messenger territory.

The Level Collective Scout Pack


It’s safe to say Halley Stevensons know what they’re doing when it comes to making weatherproof waxed cotton. I’m not advising you to boldly embrace torrential monsoons with the Scout, but your gear will be fine in most rainy or snowy conditions while you seek out shelter. The Scout also has a storm flap over the zipper. However, I found the storm flap doesn’t fully cover the zipper and you might need to do a bit of fiddling with the flap to adjust it. I do like the beefy look and feel of the zipper but replacing it with a YKK AquaGuard zipper would be a nice upgrade to enhance protection from the elements.

The Level Collective Scout Pack

The Good

  • Excellent construction and premium materials
  • Dual zipper pull access and wide opening
  • Stylish, sleek look
  • Versatile for everyday, outdoor, and travel use

The Not So Good

  • Expensive
  • Storm flap doesn’t fully cover the zipper
  • Organization may be too minimal for some


The Level Collective Scout Pack

Alternatives to Consider

If you like excellent handmade quality and great materials, Trakke comes to mind as a fellow British brand offering pieces such as the Banana Crossbody Bag or the Largo Sling if you want something larger. If urban tech vibes and more organization are your preferences, Aer has some great sling offerings too such as the City Sling 2 and Day Sling 3.


The Level Collective Scout Pack is a multifunctional bag that works well across various settings and loads. It’s durable, looks smart and sleek, and offers versatile portability. While not for everyone, the organization will suit minimalists and modular packers.

Of course, no bag is perfect and the storm flap for instance could do with a little tweaking. However, there’s really not a lot to dislike about this bag. I think one of the main sticking points will be the price. This bag is expensive. So I think it’s important to step back and consider what you’re getting for the cost. Namely quality materials, solid handmade construction in the UK, and a lifetime warranty; all wrapped up in a versatile design you’ll get a lot of use out of. Plus you’re supporting a brand committed to making a positive change. If all of that sounds like your cup of tea, then The Level Collective Scout Pack is well worth checking out.

The Level Collective Scout Pack

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