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The Level Collective Logan Day Pack


The Level Collective Logan Day Pack Review

by , January 6, 2022
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Some bags are purely functional. Others are all about style. But when you explore bringing both together, things start to get really interesting.

And when you push beyond your boundaries to build on the work that’s come before, things get exciting.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack is a design passion project. A challenge by the brand’s founder, Mark Musgrave, to create The Level Collective’s best pack yet.

Having previously reviewed The Level Collective Winnats Roll Top, I was keen to see how the brand’s newest pack offering would perform. Mark offered me the chance to check out a production-ready prototype of the Logan Day Pack. Note the only difference between this prototype and the finished product available now is that the eyelets on the drawstring are slightly larger in the prototype.

So, how does the pack perform and is it right for you? Let’s find out…


  • Name: Logan Day Pack
  • Brand: The Level Collective
  • Format: Backpack
  • Measurement: Height: 450mm; Width: 390mm; Depth: 140mm
  • Capacity: 20-22 liters
  • Weight: Around 1.7 kg
  • Zippers: YKK
  • Material: Weatherproof Halley Stevensons waxed cotton; natural untanned Spanish leather
  • Price449 GBP


Who It Suits

Fans of heritage aesthetics, premium materials and craftsmanship, and urban/outdoor versatility will appreciate this pack. If you also like adjustable volume, you get this too thanks to the drawstring closure.

Who It Doesn’t

If you’re into slick techwear vibes or looking to get active in hot and humid climates, you may want to look elsewhere. Additionally, at £449, this is not a wallet-friendly pack for those on a tight budget.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack



There’s an immediate sense of quality about the Logan Day Pack. Understandable when you consider the excellent choice of materials and hardware, the top-notch craftsmanship, and the attention to detail.

The pack has an attractive heritage-style aesthetic. The combination of waxed cotton and leather is a classic and used to good effect here, both in the material and color contrasts. A special treat is the topographic lining (more on that below), an unexpected pop of added character that complements the look and feel of the pack.

It’s a unisex style with a thoughtful urban/outdoor adaptability to it. Could you use this pack during your daily commute? Sure thing. How about hitting the trails on the weekend? It’ll fit right in. This aesthetic adaptability makes it a great option for anyone who wants one bag that can handle a variety of environments and loads.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

Materials and Hardware

The materials really take center stage here. The pack is made with custom weatherproof Halley Stevensons waxed organic cotton in a handsome Rust colorway. The waxed cotton has a fluorocarbon-free dry impregnated wax finish which doesn’t transfer to clothing.

A particularly fun and eye-catching design element is the custom topography lining, a nod to Cornwall’s beautifully wild Logan Rock and West Penwith region. The lining is hand screen printed in Sheffield on organic cotton canvas and is present in the main compartment, the external-access laptop compartment, and even the quick-access pocket on the rear of the pack.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

The weatherproof waxed canvas is complemented by natural untanned Spanish leather, which not only adds a nice visual and textural contrast but provides hard-wearing durability on the base. And of course, that all-important patina, so every time you reach for the grab handle, venture out into the world, or set your pack down, you’re adding to the unique tale of the pack’s travels. The leather is a chromium-free by-product of the food industry, but if you wish, a vegan option is available on request too.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

From the main materials, we move on to the hardware and smaller details. The Level Collective Logan Day Pack uses a mix of custom stainless steel buckles that are laser cut and polished in Sheffield and Wales. You’ll also find British woven cotton webbing and nice chunky Japanese YKK zippers with US paracord zipper pulls on the quick-access pocket and laptop pocket. Peek under the flap and you’re greeted with another friendly pop of blue and white paracord for the drawstring closure. I really like the paracord; the color contrast makes the zipper pulls easy to discern and they’re quick and fuss-free to use.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

Now let’s take a dive below the surface to the padding. Unlike many packs that use foam padding, the Logan Day Pack uses recycled wool-rich carpet fiber felt sourced from a Yorkshire-based carpet manufacturer. A sustainable choice that holds its shape and brings something a little different to the table.


Each Level Collective Logan Day Pack is handmade in Britain. The pack is cut and sewn in the UK and you’ll even find a label underneath the top flap signed by the pack’s maker. Throughout my use of the pack, I haven’t found any faults with the construction, materials, or hardware.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

The stitching is neat, sturdy, and well finished. Nothing feels loose or fragile. This is a pack that’s not afraid of a little rough and tumble; very much designed to ‘get out there and explore’.

By all accounts, I expect this pack will last for many years to come. The Winnats Roll Top is still going strong two years down the line with no construction issues and I’m confident the Logan Day Pack will follow in its dependable footsteps.


Space and Access

The Logan Day Pack features a top flap secured with a stainless steel buckle. Underneath this you’ll find a drawstring closure providing access to the main compartment. The pack offers a capacity of around 20 to 22 liters, adjustable courtesy of the drawstring closure.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

The drawstring closure opens wide enough for easy access to gear in the main compartment and the pack depth is sufficient enough to hold a range of items without becoming cumbersome to reach the bottom.

For smaller loads I found the drawstring stayed securely in place without having to tie it and opened with a straightforward tug when required. The top flap buckle is also easy to use, sliding in and out without hassle and remaining securely in place while on the go.

The main compartment is essentially a stuff sack and holds a good amount of items, making it more than sufficient for a daily commute or outdoor day trip with essentials, lunch, and an outer layer. You’ll also have more than enough space for overnight trips or even longer if you’re a fairly minimalist packer.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

One thing to note, this pack doesn’t have a lot of internal structure on the front. So if you set it down when it’s not full (or carry it relatively empty) it will sag a little. This is just an aesthetic observation and isn’t an issue functionally. With its relatively flat base, if you balance it just right the pack will stand up by itself. However, this will depend on the content layout.

Pockets and Organizing

The main compartment is a sack with no interior organization. If you like using pouches, this setup should suit you just fine. However, that’s not to say the little things aren’t taken care of.

A quick-access pocket on the side of the pack offers handy storage for frequently used and smaller items like a phone, wallet, passport, and notebook. The pocket has its own interior pockets, as well as a large storage space running across the width of the back panel, so you can store a variety of items here.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

You’ll also find an external-access laptop sleeve with a padded bottom. I’m glad to see this on the Logan Day Pack as I just find external tech access much easier without having to get into the main compartment of a bag. The laptop sleeve is designed to fit up to 17″ devices. However, I had to be precise in lining it up when putting my 15″ HP laptop inside. It did fit but there was no room to spare on either side of the zipper when sliding the laptop inside. A little extra width at the entrance would make it faster and easier to store my tech without having to be so precise in lining it up. This might not be the case with other tech devices. That being said, there was a suitable amount of space on either side of the laptop once it was inside the compartment; it’s just the actual zipper section that gives no wiggle room.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

Further organization options include dual side pockets for a water bottle, small umbrella or other items you want within easy reach. These pockets sit flush with the sides of the pack when not in use, so you maintain a fairly clean silhouette. However, there’s no stretch in the material so when the main compartment is full it can be tricky to use these pockets. If you have a lot of bulky items without any give in them but also want to carry a bottle or other hard-sided items in the side pockets, you might have to plan your packing rather than relying on the chuck-in-and-go approach.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

Apart from the pockets, the pack offers additional options for carrying gear. Compression straps on both sides of the pack provide external carry options for securing an outer layer or items like a tripod. And for added quick-access carry, the shoulder strap webbing is stitched at intervals so you can secure items like a carabiner or small pouch onto the straps.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

Personally, I found the amount of organization well suited to my needs. There’s enough that smaller and quick-access items are catered for, but without feeling cluttered. I’m someone who favors a middle ground in terms of organization; not too much but just enough that I don’t have to rummage around for items or open a bag every time I need something small. And I think the pack does a really good job of hitting this sweet spot for my needs.


The Logan Day Pack offers a padded back panel and thick padding on the shoulder straps for cushioning the load on the go. Additionally, the pack includes a non-removable sternum strap. If you’re carrying lighter loads you might not need the sternum strap but I found it very useful to have for heavier loads and keeping the pack stable and secure. There isn’t a waist strap but I don’t think you need one for a pack of this size.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

One thing to note is the lack of ventilation on the back panel. You won’t find air mesh or ventilation channels here; just waxed canvas. I’ve been using this pack in late autumn/early winter weather, so this lack of ventilation hasn’t been an issue so far. If you plan on active use with the pack in very hot or humid conditions, don’t expect great breathability because you likely won’t get it.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack


The waxed canvas does a solid job of keeping the elements at bay if you’re caught in the rain or snow. I’m not saying this pack will embrace monsoons or white water rafting with no water ingress, but your gear will be fine while you seek out shelter from unexpected showers.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

One thing to point out is that the zippers, while very nice to use, are not water-resistant. This isn’t an issue with the quick-access pocket as it has a storm flap over the zipper to help keep the elements out. However, there isn’t a storm flap over the laptop compartment zipper. As an experiment, I left the pack out in heavy rain for an hour to see how it would fare. While the waxed canvas was fairly drenched on the exterior, the inside of the pack was still dry, as were the contents. So no concerns on that front. However, some water had seeped through the laptop compartment zipper and soaked into the lining at the top of the compartment. I stored some paper in here as part of the experiment and the paper was still dry, as there’s a bit of space between the zipper and where the top of the laptop (or in this case paper) would sit, so your tech should still be okay. As I mentioned, I intentionally left the bag for an hour in heavy rain (which you obviously wouldn’t normally do), and while some water had gotten into the laptop zipper, it wasn’t dripping.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

That being said, I’m not sure why the quick-access pocket would have a storm flap when the tech compartment doesn’t. So it would be nice to see a future iteration with either a storm flap or a water-resistant zipper for the laptop compartment.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for quality British-made carry, there are a few alternatives that might interest you too. Trakke and Bedouin Foundry are obvious ones that come to mind, also offering a blend of heritage-style aesthetics and premium waxed canvas. Azo Equipment and the Ancoats Bag Company are also solid alternatives, offering functional bags with high-quality materials and British craftsmanship.

The Good

  • Premium materials and durable hardware
  • Attention to detail with custom topographical lining
  • Hard-wearing construction, handmade in the UK
  • Versatile for urban and outdoor use

Not So Good

  • Use of side pockets can be restricted when the pack is full
  • Lack of back ventilation for hot/humid climates
  • No storm flap or water-resistant zipper on the laptop compartment
  • Expensive

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack


The Level Collective Logan Day Pack offers great attention to detail with elements such as the custom topographic lining, blue and white paracord zipper pulls, and sleek and durable hardware. This pack is eye-catching and attractive but not to the point where you feel like you have to baby it. In fact, you know using it regularly will make it even more attractive and characterful. The materials and construction are excellent and it’s very much looking like a pack that will last for many years to come.

Of course, just like any bag, it’s not perfect. A little bit of give in the side pockets would be nice, along with a storm flap or water-resistant zipper for the laptop compartment and a little extra zipper width for sliding the laptop in. The lack of ventilation on the back panel means it won’t be ideal for active use in hot or humid conditions.

Then there’s the price. As mentioned above, this pack costs £449. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards. However, you are getting top-notch materials and a pack that’s handcrafted in the UK, and comes with a lifetime guarantee with free repairs for material or workmanship defects. This is a sturdy pack and should last a lifetime but it’s still expensive and definitely within the category of an investment piece.

So should you get it? That depends on your needs, budget, and what you value in a pack. Functionality-wise, you can get a bag that offers the same functionality as the Logan Day Pack, for a lot less money. But for the price of the Logan, you’re getting a hard-wearing British-made pack with premium materials and lovely details that give it real character. It feels very much like a design labor of love that doesn’t compromise on quality. The Level Collective Logan Day Pack stands out aesthetically, is versatile enough for work, play, and travel use, and will stand the test of time. It won’t be for everyone, but if you’re seeking a multifunctional pack built to last a lifetime and are prepared for a “buy once, cry once” approach, it could be right for you.

The Level Collective Logan Day Pack

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