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Jeremy Fish x Carryology | UNICORN HUNTER V2 (CAS04)


Jeremy Fish x Carryology | UNICORN HUNTER V2 (CAS04)

by , April 21, 2023

The third instalment of our Carryology Artist Series and the second imagining of our Unicorn Hunter.

A patch carefully crafted to not only be a work of art but something that represents our carry community and culture. Something that plays with nostalgia and sparks imagination. A piece illustrated by our design and art heroes – and a canvas for their creativity and style to run wild.

And we’d like to introduce our second artist in our Artist Series – artist, illustrator, painter and maker, Jeremy Fish, one of street arts undeniable legends and prolific characters.

Etching out his career in San Francisco in the mid-90s, when skate culture was at its peak and the Bay Area was the beating heart of the culture, his unique style has made him one of the most recognizable and beloved street artists working today.

Earning his start in the industry designing skateboard graphics for Think Skateboards and tees for the likes of skate royalty – Thrasher Magazine – Jeremy's early work next evolved into two-page spreads in one of the world's greatest art magazines, Juxtapoz, and was later printed side-by-side some of the Bay Area's most legendary artists working under the Upper Playground stable.

Since then, Jeremy has made a remarkable imprint on art and street culture. Over his career, he’s worked with Nike and New Balance, designing signature shoes. He’s taken over San Francisco street corners with murals and sculptures. Published books. Designed album artwork for Aesop Rock. Created collectible vinyl toys. And exhibited his fine art in every corner of the globe – including Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Canada, and all over the United States.

His style is a blending of the real and surreal. Bold line work. Punchy graphics. And whimsical storytelling that draws on nostalgia, street culture and the magic of the natural world. 

Jeremy is an artist never to be typecast. A trailblazer and awesome human. And we’re humbled and honored to have him create our next Unicorn Hunter.

Jeremy Fish x Carryology
Carryology Artist Series:


4.25″ Height
3.25″ Width
40,000+ stitch count

Limit: 2 per person/order.


Unicorn Hunter Concept

In carrying culture, we're always searching for that 'Unicorn.' That perfect seemingly unobtainable piece to add to our collection. 

A search that Carryologists know too well. All the highs and all the lows, and all the efforts one puts into the pursuit of capturing it. Sometimes it takes weeks. Sometimes it takes years. But the excitement is really in the hunt itself. 

Our Unicorn Hunter acts as a symbol for all of the above.

This patch can represent any piece of gear, any mission, any goal. It’s up to you to decide what your unicorn is. Attach this patch to your pack and let it bring you luck on your hunt. 

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