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Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down

Best 5 Items from the Western Rise Anniversary Sale

by , April 24, 2023

In our humble opinion, Western Rise makes some of the best technical apparel on the market. Over the years they’ve honed their designs and materials to create pieces that offer true versatility for work, travel, and play. Pants for the office and a last-minute weekend getaway? Sure thing. Tees that can hit the trails, gym, or your local cafe? No problem. And to celebrate the anniversary of the brand’s founding, Western Rise is currently running a massive sale until 30 April 2023 with up to 40% off!

So if you’re looking to curate your perfect capsule wardrobe or need that final multifunctional addition to your packing list, now is the ideal time to score awesome savings on top-notch gear, with discounts automatically applied at checkout. And we think the five items below should definitely be on your radar…

Evolution Pant 2.0

Best 5 Items from the Western Rise Anniversary Sale

The Western Rise Evolution Pant 2.0 is the ultimate all-rounder. Smart enough for the city and functional enough for the outdoors, this pant moves smoothly from work settings to airport lounges and outdoor ramblings. The four-way stretch keeps you flexible on the move, while the water-resistant and stain-resistant fabric helps cut down travel laundry needs. And with an understated silhouette, the pant is easy to dress up or down. So if you want a lightweight, durable, and packable pant for your travels that works equally well in your daily wardrobe, this is it.

Spectrum Jogger

Best 5 Items from the Western Rise Anniversary Sale

Want the comfort of a jogger with a little more formal style to it? The Western Rise Spectrum Jogger has you sorted. The fabric is breathable, water and stain-resistant, and features four-way stretch, so you stay comfy and mobile whether you’re heading out on a morning run or hitting the gym. Additionally, the tailored silhouette gives this pant a style boost over regular joggers, making it easy to wear about town too.

Limitless Merino Button-Down

Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down

Traditional button-down shirts aren’t known for their versatility but the Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down is different. Made with a blend of merino wool and polyester, the shirt offers a range of benefits including odor resistance, temperature regulation, wrinkle resistance, durability, and four-way stretch, making it an equally savvy choice for travel, long days in the office, or a night on the town. Easy to dress up or down, it’s a great capsule piece for work, the weekend, and beyond.

AT Pant

Western Rise AT Pant

Tough but comfortable, the AT (All-Terrain) Pant is ready to go wherever your next adventure leads. Providing a twist on the classic jean, the Western Rise AT Pant steps things up with two-way stretch, water and stain resistance, and more than enough durability to handle the rugged outdoors. Made with AT Cloth, a woven canvas that’s soft but five times more durable than denim yet half the weight, the AT Pant is eager to explore in nature but looks right at home in urban settings too, making it a great companion for day-to-day and weekend wear alike.

X Cotton Tee

Best 5 Items from the Western Rise Anniversary Sale

A trusty tee should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and the Western Rise X Cotton Tee is an excellent choice thanks to its considered blend of comfort and technical features. Soft against the skin, the tee also features four-way stretch, odor resistance thanks to inbuilt silver ion technology, and is quick-drying and moisture-wicking. Versatile for daily wear, packing in your luggage, or heading up the hills, the X Cotton Tee is a solid wardrobe staple for wearing on its own or layering with other pieces.


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