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Bedouin x Carryology | Triptych Collection


Bedouin x Carryology | Triptych Collection

by , December 16, 2022

A revival of three collaboration legends, offered in a fully custom camouflage design, printed on Halley Stevensons waxed cotton fabric, in a super limited batch for our last collaboration project of 2022. Only 33 units are available in each style. 

Introducing the Bedouin x Carryology Triptych Collection.

Bedouin x Carryology: Collection

Bedouin x Carryology: Balian TT

Bedouin x Carryology: KHAN TT

Bedouin x Carryology: Sharky TT

Bedouin, one of our favorite carry brands on earth. A brand with unmatched uniqueness, timelessness, storytelling, and flair. With products that aren’t your average – they’re beautiful handmade pieces of artwork.   

As our Senior Editor, Laurence Fry mused in his Bedouin Barbarossa review (also, my personal most used bag of 2021 and 2022), some of my favorite lines of text in Carryology history: “This handmade masterpiece is charming and endearing to use. It truly feels like it has been loved into existence.” This pretty much encapsulates how I feel about all the Bedouin pieces that I own and use: the Barbarossa, Genghis, KHAN, Sharky, Balain, Barbary, Delireis, and Mamluke. It truly is a brand at the very top tier of Carry. 

There is one man behind the helm of this buccaneer vessel, Silas Grant: artist, visionary, and a man I’m proud to call my friend. I’d make my way to Wales to meet him for our last design trip to the UK – he’s now uprooted himself, his family, and Bedouin, moving out to the picturesque countryside, and designs out of a new Bedouin HQ located in Berriew, Wales (population 283). 

I was headed to Wales for the first time in my life. And my travel colleague Laurence (visiting Wales for the ten thousandth time) joined along for the rural hangs and to work on the newest Bedouin x Carryology collaboration project.

In a mutually despised rental Peugeot coupe, Laurence and I depart from Trakke HQ in Glasgow, Scotland down through England, placing a GCEP patch at Hadrian’s Wall on our road trip, and then crossing into Wales. 

Laurence and I arrive at Silas’s home, an old farmhouse, with a sprawling lush garden and a large barn on the side, converted into Bedouin’s headquarters. While he’s currently using one small room in the barn for the office and design studio, he toured us through all the future rooms and their respective purposes – Bedouin’s future looks bright! – and then we got down to the business of dreaming up the next best project. 

For the last three collaborations, we used high-tech Dyneema, buttery leather, and a hand-printed orange cotton drill liner, creating a little product family:

1. Balian (Design Article & Release Article)
2. KHAN (Design Article & Release Article)
3. Sharky (Design Article & Release Article)

So the challenge was, what’s next? We had already nailed, in our humble opinions, the best possible examples of a sling, a messenger, and a backpack that represented the Bedouin x Carryology concept direction. Two of the products were designed together from the ground up (Balian and Sharky), while the KHAN borrowed from the existing perfect messenger (Genghis). So what could we do now? A small accessory? Another messenger? We were proud of the work we had already done and the end users all loved them, each selling out in less than 60 seconds. So what if we didn’t create something new, just for the sake of it? What if we used what we already had? 

Sometimes simplicity is best. Why mess with perfection? We’d re-release all three in a new vision. Being that Bedouin products are normally offered in Halley Stevensons waxed cotton canvas and our Bedouin collaborations have all used Dyneema, we all wanted to see these three previous products in the iconic fabric. 

That was the brief, a full three-piece collection, which we’d call the Triptych Collection. Triptych means “something composed or presented in three parts or sections”. But we couldn’t just pick a color of fabric from the catalog. No, sir. Silas reached out to the Dundee-based, Scottish weatherproof fabric maker boasting 150+ years of manufacturing experience, and went in search of something unique and special.

The folks up in Dundee had just released a new technology to their production offerings, which isn’t very common with such a traditional manufacturer, so we were immediately intrigued with this news. Basically, they’d started offering up custom digital printing on their heritage waxed fabrics. One of the options was the screaming bold Swedish M90 Camo printed pattern (humorously nicknamed “the leaf pile” by Swedish soldiers), which we had used a variation of previously on our Carryology P06 morale patch. We loved it. Even though it was brand new as part of the Spring/Summer 2023 fabric collection, we just had to elevate it a step further… because… well, you know how this works by now. 

So we called up the fabric gurus and played with a variety of different fabrics, scaling options of the M90 pattern (both larger and smaller), and we color-swapped out the bright yellow to our signature bright orange. We opted for the P400 Desert Wax Plus, a 100% cotton base fabric, digitally printed, with a natural dry wax finish, and coming in at a confident 537g/m² weight. After a handful of lab dip samples and playing with the swatches at Bedouin HQ, we had arrived at the final perfect fabric: the Halley Stevensons P400 Desert Wax Plus Bespoke Swedish Camo M90 Bedouin X Carryology Edition (AKA HSP400DWPBSCM90BXCE). An intentionally funny mouthful of word soup? Yep. Damn awesome custom Scottish-made fabric? Absolutely.

While we waited on the full production roll of custom fabric, we played with some different leather color options. We were really torn between using brown leather, just to try something different. But after a handful of mockups, the bold contrast of the black leather was the perfect complement. 

Commemorating the Triptych Collection, Silas called upon the legend himself, the designer of many of Bedouin’s iconic artworks, graphics, and internal print liner, Zeke Wade. Zeke whipped up a few different graphic logo options for the custom collaboration triptych internal label. We finally ended up loving the geometric sphere, specifically a polyhedron based on a three-pointed star. Very Bedouin. Perfect.

Each of these three products is individually handmade in the small Bedouin workshop in rural Somerset, England. There are only 33 units of each. Yes, 33 of each. The reason there are so few? Because this is a small cottage maker who doesn’t focus on big quantities. That’s the way they do things. The old way. The slow way. Their own way. 

To make the whole naming thing nice and simple, we added “TT” to the end of each product name. Each already has its own character or codename, which we loved so much, we didn’t want to reinvent them – TripTych = TT. 

Balian TT:


Dimensions: 22.5 x 36 x 13cm

Weight: 720 grams (1.58 lbs)

Capacity: 4.5L

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCM90BXCE at 537g/m²

Back panel: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, rumbled for pebble texture.

Wing accents: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather, rumbled for pebble texture.

Zippers: YKK AquaGuard nylon coil, front 6mm double puller, 4mm back with fold-down zip head.

Zipper pulls: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned leather

Buckles: 2 AustriAlpin Cobra frames, made from cast aluminum alloy, and 38mm Cobra with double tension.

Lining: Cotton drill, hand-printed in a railway arch Deptford, South London on the last 25m tables in London.

Print: Signature ‘crank print’, with a decaying geometric framework interlaced with bicycle parts and curios in custom orange.

Webbing: 38mm 9 bar seatbelt webbing on main straps, 25mm ribbed webbing on tension straps.

Handmade in Somerset, England.


1 large expandable compartment with YKK AquaGuard zipper and storm flap

X3 Internal organizing pockets

1 secret security pocket on back panel (YKK AquaGuard zipper)

PALS webbing across face for external carry

Ambidextrous strap setup

Side wings

Webbing loops for strap management



Dimensions: 51 x 30 x 15cm

Weight: 1220 grams (2.68 lbs)

Capacity: 25L (Estimate)

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCM90BXCE at 537g/m²

Front flap, lash strip, and binding: Italian top-grain vegetable-tanned bridle leather 2-3mm thick on flap, skived for binding.

Zippers: Swiss-made RiRi size 8 in matte black

Zipper pulls: Black KTL slider with bridle leather puller.

Buckles: 2 AustriAlpin Cobra Pro Style 25mm female fix, male adjust, made from cast and post-machined aluminum alloy, and a 50mm Cobra with female fix, male adjust.

Lining: Orange cotton drill, hand-printed in a railway arch Deptford, South London on the last 25m tables in London.

Print: Signature ‘crank print’, with a decaying geometric framework interlaced with bicycle parts and curios in custom orange.

Webbing: 50mm 11 bar seatbelt webbing on main strap, 25mm 5 bar webbing on tension straps, all straps have bridle leather keepers with a black rivet.

Internal label: Exclusive Carryology collaboration woven full damask label

Handmade in Somerset, England.


Cobra Pro Style buckles 

Large laptop sleeve (fits 15″)

Lash strip (PALS style) for external attachments

Textured leather to reduce slip on underside of strap setup

2 sleeves and one secure zip pocket under front flap

Leather keepers and loop on main strap for strap management

Internal pouch with eyelet for attachments

Padded rear panel and base for comfort and security

Sharky TT:



Dimensions: 44 x 51 x 15cm

Weight: 2200 grams (4.85 lbs)

Capacity: 24 - 26L

Exterior fabric: HSP400DWPBSCM90BXCE at 537g/m²

Rear leather panel and base: 2mm Italian vegetable-tanned rumbled black leather

Leather flap and lash patches: 3.5mm Italian vegetable-tanned bridle leather


2 black Cobra Pro Style 25mm main opening

2 black Cobra blocks for tension on backpack straps

Padded rear panel and base with a floating laptop sleeve 

2 external front sleeve pockets, one zippered

2 side stash pockets

Fully opening front panel with YKK AquaGuard zippers

Fully padded backpack straps, with leather lash patches. All padding is sealed cell

Internal stash pocket on laptop sleeve and internal zippered pocket on internal front panel

Fully lined with hand-printed orange cotton drill

Introducing the Bedouin x Carryology Triptych Collection:

Bedouin x Carryology: Collection

Bedouin x Carryology: Balian TT

Bedouin x Carryology: KHAN TT

Bedouin x Carryology: Sharky TT


Each can be purchased individually and will ship globally the next day, arriving to you before the holidays. 

For those who are aiming for the entire Triptych Collection, we made a discounted package combo deal available for you.


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