If I could give a zero I would. Rimowa has and awful engineered product and it’s complimented by a customer service that ultimately is more interested in keeping the revenue from the initial sale rather than making sure the (defective) product is fixed or replaced.

Yes, they look great and are lighter than more durable Tumi brands, but at the end of the day, getting your stuff from point A to point B is a mandatory requirement.

The one I bought has, on successive trips, a broken wheel, a wheel housing come apart, a handle broke off, a lock shatter and the other handle break off. Rimowa would fix the problems, after I sent it back at my expense, but would not acknowledge the product was essentially a lemon. Poorly designed and not fit for being checked. Each time I spoke to customer service they pushed back and told me to take up the issues with airlines.

I cold not recommend this product unless you never wanted to check the bag.