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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 24 May

Week In Review ~ 24 May

by , May 24, 2015

Tired of struggling to keep wrinkles out your smart clothes when you’re traveling or at the gym? Love nothing better than a chic piece of leather carry? Our Week In Review dishes the details on keeping suits wrinkle-free without compromising your lifestle, takes a closer look at beautiful and tech-clever leather carry, and more…

Clever casual carry

ro x Milk Design Lasso collection

It’s not always easy to let the material in a bag design speak for itself. However, that isn’t the case with the new ro x Milk Design Lasso Crossover Collection. High-quality Japanese cotton canvas is showcased beautifully in two unisex designs, the Shumai Tote and Gyoza Dumpling Bag. The collection’s name stems from the creative use of brass tubes and ropes that serve as the fastening system for the bags. When the rope handles are lifted, two brass tubes are drawn together, thereby closing the bags.

Haerfest breaks the mould

Haerfest AE Project No. 6 Folke

It’s good to develop a signature style, but it’s also good to shake things up every now and then – and that’s exactly what Haerfest have done with their AE Project No. 6 Folke. Haerfest are known for their clean silhouettes and understated colorways but Folke provides a fresh take on some of their signature pieces. Indigenous-inspired patterns give a visual vitality to Haerfest’s Two Handle Tote, Shell Backpack, Arch Backpack, Book Sleeve and Document Sleeve. Quality materials including premium cotton twill, cowhide leather and brass hardware come together in designs that stand stylishly out from the crowd.

Stay sharp on the go

You lead a varied lifestyle in a range of settings – sometimes smart for work, other times active or casual for the gym or travel. Most bags simply can’t keep up, usually forcing you to carry more than one bag or risk a wrinkled suit getting up close and personal with your gym socks. The Preston from the Impressed Bag Co. is a little different. Well, a lot actually. It combines two bags into one, namely a garment bag and a duffel, through the use of magnets. This way you can keep your smart clothes neat and tidy and away from the rest of your carry items, whether you’re hitting the gym before or after work, heading on a business trip or going on a short holiday break but want a sharp suit along for the journey. See it in action above.

Quietly confident, effortlessly elegant

A Man of Few Words Måndag i Stockholm Collection

Classy carry doesn’t need to shout its existence to the world. It just is, and people notice it. A case in point is the new collection Måndag i Stockholm (Monday in Stockholm) from Polish carry brand A Man of Few Words. The collection features four refined bags, crafted by hand using luxurious Polish vegetable-tanned leather. Inspired by Scandinavian design, the collection celebrates simple, functional and modern design with a nod to technology. Each bag incorporates a Bluetooth beacon which works in combination with an app to send out certain useful signals, such as an alarm if you accidentally leave your bag behind.

DSPTCH drops daily carry solutions

DSPTCH Waist Bag, Shoulder Bag and Bookpack

Love urban-friendly bags with a touch of tactical style and easy access? Welcome to DSPTCH’s new collection of bags. Featuring three designs for daily use, the collection consists of the Waist Bag, Shoulder Bag and Bookpack which include padded sections for tech and other compartments to keep your daily carry in order. Constructed out of weather-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon, each piece rocks Fidlock magnetic closures for quick and hassle-free access.


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