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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 3 April

Week In Review ~ 3 April

by , April 3, 2016

A suitcase that aims to make traveling smoother, a handsome pack inspired by whisky and adventure, and carry that puts the focus on flexible portability. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Minimalist carry for work on the move

DSPTCH Minimalist Work Collection

Do you favor a pared-down, easily portable approach to your work carry? Meet the Minimalist Work Collection from DSPTCH. Designed for the working professional who runs a lean EDC and needs to easily transport work tools to a range of places, the collection features the Utility Tote and Portfolio. Both pieces have a durable and weather-resistant construction with mil-spec hardware and trims and a removable shoulder strap. The Utility Tote includes a padded laptop (15″) and tablet sleeve, with further pockets for a water bottle and accessories. For an even leaner setup, the Portfolio fits up to a 13″ slim laptop or tablet, with storage space for small accessories and other work tools.

Crafted for carry versatility

Crafted Goods CG Suede Collection

Pleasing in looks and practicality, the new CG Suede collection from Crafted Goods is ready for the commute and travels further afield. Featuring three stylish and versatile pieces, the water-resistant collection includes the Tactic, Block and Patrol. With its slim profile that suits work or play, the Tactic can be carried briefcase-style or as a backpack, has a padded compartment for a 15″ laptop, and keeps your gear organized through a choice of pockets and a handy removable pouch. Flexible enough for hitting the gym or the highway for a weekend getaway, the Block doubles as a duffel or backpack and includes dedicated space for a 15″ laptop and small accessories. Offering a variety of carry options, the Patrol is a versatile commuting and general-use bag that can serve as a tote, shoulder bag or backpack and fits a 15″ laptop.

A taste of adventure off the beaten track

Trakke x Jura Whisky Backpack

A bag maker teaming up with a whisky maker? Perhaps it doesn’t sound like a likely collaboration at first, but delve into the history behind the Trakke x Jura Whisky Backpack and it starts to make a whole lot of sense. Trakke are all about discovering adventure everywhere, and the island of Jura off Scotland’s west coast is a place that would tug on the heartstrings of any adventurer. Not only does it boast a stunning rugged beauty, but the island is also home to the Jura whisky distillery. Inspired by the landscape and Jura Single Malt Whisky, Trakke have created a bag that tells a story. This is a bag where emotion meets design, with every part carefully considered and chosen for a reason. Trakke utilized dye made from the crottle lichen which grows on the island to create the smoky waxed cotton, which takes color inspiration from Jura whisky. The bag’s copper rivets are a nod to the copper stills used in the distillery, while the island’s large deer population is represented by the bag’s deer hide zipper pulls. The pack resembles a barley sack in shape, and has a 20-liter volume – which is roughly the amount of Angel’s Share (whisky which evaporates during maturation) lost from each Jura cask during the year.

Take a load off the trials of traveling

Floatti suitcase

A lot of suitcases are simply a means to get your gear from A to B, without much consideration for making the journey as enjoyable as possible. The Floatti suitcase is different, incorporating a number of thoughtful details that are designed to improve the way you travel. A retractable strap lets you secure bags or coats on top of the suitcase, while Floatti’s smart handle enables easy access to frequently used phone features on the move. Available in carry-on and check-in sizes, the suitcase also includes wheel suspension for a smoother ride whether you’re pulling or pushing the case. Worried about over-packing? The inbuilt scale lets you know if you’ve gone over your baggage weight limit. Tech is also taken care of with a detachable gadget compartment that can be removed for airport security, plus a detachable phone charger which can be upgraded to a laptop charger. The case even comes with trackers to attach to important items so you can easily locate them, and the option to add packing pouches that secure to the inside of the case for tidy organization. Discover more via the Floatti Kickstarter campaign.

A bag that wings its way into diverse carry settings

BirdWalk Gowing

Looking for a bag that works around your lifestyle, rather than having to work your life around a bag’s restrictive design? A small bag that packs in a lot of versatility, the new Gowing from BirdWalk easily accommodates changing carry needs. How? Through a flexible design that can be worn as a backpack, a cross-body bag, a shoulder bag and a wristlet. Separate the straps to wear it as a pack, or join them to wear it across the body. Alternatively fold the bag in half to carry it on the wrist or shoulder. The Gowing is a convenient size for carrying EDC essentials and includes two front zip pockets, a main compartment that fits an 8″ tablet, plus a dedicated smartphone pocket.


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