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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 24 August

by , August 25, 2013

Week In Review ~ 24 August

Backpacks are splendid little (or big) things, faithful friends through drenching weather during leisure pursuits or sunny commuting travels. They accommodate all sorts of diverse uses and this Week In Review is a little taste of this carrying companion in a variety of modes, from EDC daypacks to specialised camera carry and outdoor adventuring…

Daily use to weekends away

Week In Review ~ 24 August

If you like packs with pockets, Tumi’s Virtue Diligence Backpack certainly obliges, with exterior front and side pockets and a host of interior pockets as well as a removable laptop sleeve (for laptops up to 14 inches) that can hold a tablet as well. Size-wise this backpack accommodates daily use or an overnight trip (or a weekend if you’re a savvy packer).

Camera carry with a difference

Week In Review ~ 24 August

If your carry needs include carting camera gear, the Langly Alpha Pro backpack is a smart-looking option constructed out of waterproof canvas and leather with brass hardware. The pack has been created to hold a laptop, an SLR and four lenses but the interior dividers can be adjusted or taken out to suit your needs. The pack is divided into two compartments, with the top compartment large enough to hold clothing or other supplies for a day trip, and there are four pockets that can hold smaller items.

Taking the plunge with streamlined aesthetics

Week In Review ~ 24 August

Tyre tubes are in revolt. Rather than carrying you, they have decided you should carry them and have incorporated themselves in the SEAL backpack. Designed for outdoor use thanks to its resistance against the elements, the pack accommodates overnight trips too – think duffle but carried on your back, with an interior slip pocket and a key clip for organization.

Weekday working to weekend wandering

Week In Review ~ 24 August

If simple and sleek is what you seek, MAKR’s Daypack keeps things understated yet functional. Constructed out of cotton duck with a leather base, the daypack has an interior pocket and comes in a range of colors that in combination with the style of the pack enable it to glide between work and leisure use.

Zippy packing without the zippers

Week In Review ~ 24 AugustThere’s nothing quite like being in the middle of the wilderness with a broken pack zipper, unable to access that delicious energy-boosting snack, a handy waterproof jacket for the torrential thunderstorm that has decided to descend upon you or the slightly more serious matter of being unable to reach your first aid supplies if needed. The Kelty PK 50 backpack aims to avoid such problems by being free of zippers, instead utilising the likes of roll-top access, Velcro and clever compartment designs. The front pocket of the pack can be detached so you can leave it at home if you want to travel light or alternatively on the likes of a camping trip you can store it in your tent with you and keep the rest of the pack outside if you’re short for space.


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