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New Contributor :: Shelby Craig

by , August 26, 2013

New Contributor :: Shelby Craig

We’re very excited to welcome a new contributor to our carry-obsessed collective. Shelby Craig is a keen photographer and as part of his introduction he shares his thoughts on camera bags below…

The Perpetual Disappointment of Photography Bags

We all fall in lust with camera bags. They look beautiful at first sight with all their straps, pockets, pads and compartments. Yet after a while we figure out that the crush won’t last. Incompatibilities, change of direction or trying to be something they’re not, some things just don’t work out.

It’s hard to find a match when we are all so different. In photography there are a hundred ways to do the same thing. No way is right or wrong and there is no such thing as the perfect image. So it’s a bit selfish of us really to think that a bag will be exactly what we are looking for, isn’t it?

New Contributor :: Shelby Craig

I mean the backpack carries the load well but is never easy access. The sling bag looks great (sometimes) and is always at arm’s length but man does it hurt. A roller is always smooth sailing until you hit a rough patch. And then the hard case is forever strong but never willing to flex when we need.

The biggest problem is that photography bags too often try to be good at everything and end up being good at nothing. This lack of identity is their biggest downfall. Without a clear purpose how can a camera bag be anything but disappointing?

New Contributor :: Shelby Craig

A few though have left their mark and don’t try to be anything they’re not. Take the Pelican case for example. They’re about being strong. And they rule at that. You can drop one in the surf or off a building and it will be fine. Sure they suck to carry, store and move but people don’t mind because they are awesome at being strong. Or what about the Incase Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag? It is about a day in a city. Nothing more. And it’s great at that. Just big enough for some options but not so crazy that you look like a try hard.

New Contributor :: Shelby Craig

This is supposed to be my introduction piece to Carryology. So here we go:

Hi, I’m Shelby. I’ve been shooting photos for years and have been lucky enough to travel some of the world while doing so. I love taking pictures so I always bring a camera with me and am obsessed with the right way to carry it. I value style, good design, usability and protection in a photo bag and I believe there is an optimum setup for every situation. I’ve used an arsenal of bags and have a love/hate relationship with every one of them. I don’t believe there is a perfect photo bag but that isn’t stopping me from searching.


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