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5 Reasons I can’t find a great messenger bag

by , May 11, 2010

5 Reasons I can’t find a great messenger bag

5 Reasons I can’t find a great messenger bag

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I really want a great messenger bag. I love how fast they are to access stuff, and I think they suit a workplace way better than backpacks (which in my opinion often look too ‘young’ and geeky).

But while I have fallen in love with concept of a messenger, the reality generally bites. There’s a few key things that frustrate me about them. Not least the fact that my hairless mexican cat cannot get comfortable in one while we are traveling, and so I am yet to find any messengers that have really solved all these issues.

Here’s my list of things I want fixed. And to all those bag designers that read Carryology, we’d love you to agree, disagree, or just design a messenger that solves these issues!

Reason 1: Most brands are too similar

Remove the logos, and it’s pretty hard to tell which messengers are from which brands. A big flap, a couple of buckles, some velcro, a shoulder pad, and either black or some pop brights.

Compare this to the world of backpacks, where you have every configuration, size, look and shape. Messengers still have a long way to go in creating some unique looks that leave me feeling special.

Reason 2: Shoulder pain

We humans are symmetrical creatures, but unfortunately messengers are not. The single strap carrying doesn’t affect you too badly if you’re carrying light loads, but once you start to fill the bag, your body gets tweaked with all sorts of badness.

I’d love a way to balance the load when I’m carrying lots. Pull out, fold out; whatever will work without getting clumsy.

Reason 3: Shoulder straps are getting smaller

The early Crumpler bags padded the entire strap. It was deluxe. Grab it any which way, any way up, and it worked.

Now messenger brands give you either a tiny little sliding pad, or they make you commit to being a lefty or a righty, and never allow you to swap.

Reason 4: They are not so laptop friendly

Look at the curves on your hips and back. Now look at a laptop. Why would you try and put those 2 things next to each other? Almost all laptop messengers stick it against the back wall, which happens to also be against your body. Crap.

Reason 5: Internal pocketing generally sucks

This one is harder to explain, but really important. You know when your Tetris L block gets dropped the wrong way, and no other blocks can get down beside or under it?

That’s what happens with messenger front pockets if you have books or laptops in the bag. Any old camera or power-pack in the front pocket can ‘lock-out’ the rest of the space beside it. It sucks.

Did I miss something?

Can anyone explain that number 5 reason better?

Do you have a new messenger that will ease my frustration and help my cat?


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