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The New Guy

The New Guy

by , January 15, 2014

Introductions can be notoriously awkward. That single moment when strangers meet can sometimes feel like it drags on forever – so let’s relax and cut right to it. I’m Mike, the new guy. And I go by the title of Managing Editor.

How’d I get the gig? I passed a series of carry-related challenges that culminated with me being blindfolded, imprisoned in a dank room and only apportioned water after I’d thumbed over and recognized the exact density of three grades of denier.

Jokes. I got the gig because I’m a word geek, storyteller and carry-fiend and the team have thrown me behind the switches with the sole objective of making this sucker purr.

I’m here to seek out new content, bump up the output and get the engine room cranking. And honestly, I’m chuffed to be here and I’m keen to earn your respect.

To date, the quality of carry content and the integrity in the way it’s been curated has been of an extremely high standard – but let’s dream big. Let’s explore what carry can be, together. Let’s delve deeper and peer through a refined lens at all-things carry, while geeking out in the process and by being, well, awesome.

I look forward to kicking it with you all. And maybe learning how to surf in the process.

New Guy signing off,


PS: Please take my profile pic with a grain of salt – I don’t normally look that smug.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.